Wednesday, December 5, 2007

11 weeks 1 day

**if you are a boy, you may not want to read this as it may include a few medical terms you don't wanna know!!*

i'm not sure what time i finally got called back. my appt was at 10 this a.m. i first went back to ultrasound and we were able to do it on my tummy instead of "the other way." and that baby has grown so much and was waving his/her hands all around and kicking up a storm! the heartbeat was 150 bpm. when she was done i asked her if we still had to do the nuchal translucency test. well she wasn't sure what i was talking about. so i told her what he said he wanted at the last appointment, so she went and got another lady b/c she had done those. well, then came the "do you have a history? did he see something on the last ultrasound? do you have other kids?" questions. i said "no. no. yes." so they weren't sure why he ordered it since i'm not even 30 and i have no history and everything looked perfect. the second time they did the u/s, it had to be the transvaginal way (i hate those). well, she couldn't get a good view b/c the baby was way up in the fundus, which is great. but she measured from a view from my belly and she said "i don't know why he wants this. everything looks perfect." now mind you...this is about an hour after my appointment now and i still haven't peed in the cup! so we went back out to the waiting room and the most horrible thing happened. this lady who was easily a full 7-8 months pregnant came out of an exam room and started crying and the nurses came out and said "is there anything we can do? is there anyone we can call?" and the lady called her husband from decatur to come (probably 30+ minutes from the office i was at) and said "can you come up here and meet me." and the nurses said "we are gonna take you to ultrasound and we'll see what it says." i just started crying for that lady. i have no idea what happened. that was the worst thing ever b/c she was sitting right next to us. anyway, the nurse from the last appointment failed to give me my goody bag and my lab slip. so i have to get up early in the a.m. and go get my blood work done (which is nothing...checking blood type, blood count, Rh factor, HIV) and i will go back in 4 weeks! so it's been a long morning, but everything looks great, measuring right on schedule (11 weeks 1 day) and even lost 2 lbs!! i'll take it!!


Dana said...

Oh goodness... Wow, I'm glad that everything was good for you. About the Picture It CD... Well, seems that it was a problem with my CD and not the one I made for you because when I tried to download it on this new computer, I couldn't get it to upload. So, I'm using the newer version which does everything the older one does except make things skinnier :(. So, I'm going to try to make you a copy of that one. Regardless, I hope I am "seeing you soon". Hopefully we'll know for sure or not after tonight. I need to get plans finalized. Love you

Dana said...

Still waiting... Did I pray for patience or something?

Tony and Susan said...

glad everything is going well with you! and glad you've gotten to move on to the "other" ultrasound! btw...why does your profile say Afghanistan?

becky said...

i'm going to go with "b/c i never noticed nor did i update the original default 'country'" for 200 alex! cause i don't pay attention to details with my pregnant brain!!

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