Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Abroad...

Well...Christmas in Dothan anyway! I haven't been "home" for Christmas in 3 years and we probably won't go back until our kids are older. Not because they were bad or that we had a bad time, but because I would have to rent a uhaul to get everything there and trade for a bigger one to get everything home. The kids did great traveling and we saw everyone we wanted to see (except for the Griffies, but that was our fault!!) and Sethy came home in complete Pop withdrawal...and i think Pop is having sethy withdrawal. they were glued at the hip from the moment we got there. it really was cute...except for all the junk that they let them eat plus all the sweet tea pop let seth drink. (i'm not a strict mom and i certainly don't win the nutrition award for our family by any means, but to put it mildly, my kiddos are in chocolate detox and were not happy that their "regular" breakfast fare wasn't in our house this morning.

We got there on Saturday afternoon and Scott, Sherri and their boys came over for supper. Pop (my dad) wanted to take all of us to Wicksburg to see the Christmas lights. and for the first time in 2 years, Luke actually whined and said he didn't want to go! Micah and I were in shock! We knew that after a 6 hour trip they would be tired, but we never imagined Luke would turn down looking at christmas lights. Sunday we went to church with Pop and Mimi and that afternoon after naps we loaded up and went to Hartford to Scott and Sherri's for our christmas dinner with (my mom) Nana and Papa. We all ate plenty and had a great time and it was just the first round of the gift opening extravaganza. Monday morning we had more play time and around lunch Scott and Sherri and the boys came over to do their Christmas time with Pop and Mimi. My boys opened one of their gifts from them also. Luke got a guitar which he is IN LOVE with and Sethy got a huge play doh activity center (which they are playing with now while i take a break from cleaning/putting up to write this). Monday night we went out to my uncle's house to do our Christmas with our extended family (on my dad's side). and Tuesday we had our own family time plus the rest of the time with Pop and Mimi. Tuesday night we went back out to Scott and Sherri's for a little bit to visit with my mom's brother whom i haven't seen in probably 8 years. So needless to say...we were insanely busy. We were glad to be home. We let the kids out of the car to play outside as soon as we got home and i've been in cleaning/sorting, etc. mode ever since.

and did i mention we still have micah's family to do? that is saturday, but hopefully i'll be done with all the unpacking/toy sorting by then. sunday will include taking down all the Christmas decor. The following week i will start caulking around the baseboards from where we have done floor work. next friday i have my 16 week appointment and also start doing some part time friday work at the doctor's office...which my sanity greatly looks forward to!! the first week of february we should find out who little bitty is and i'm just counting the days!!

hope everyone else had a great holiday and got to relax!!


Meredith said...

Sounds like y'all have had a busy holiday! Glad it went well. We've had quite the gifts at our house, too...birthday AND Christmas! It's NUTS! Maybe we'll see y'all one of these days! I'll be anxious to hear when you find out about the newest bundle of joy!!

Tony and Susan said...

"chocolate detox"...that is hilarious! my kids are going to be in "people holding me detox"!! sounds like you guys had as insane of a christmas as we have! hope you recover soon!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you had a great time spending time with your family for Christmas. I have been trying to sort and put up as well. I know all about that uhaul thing as well. I hate that we did not get to see you while you were down. I promise I am going to put messenger back on my computer so we can get back to our daily talk. I miss you so much and I can't tell you how much. Well give the boys love and tell Micah hello.

Tammy English

becky said...

if i would have had a moment for anything else, it would have been nice. i had to con rogelyn into coming to dothan to pop's house just to sneak in a visit with her!! we will be back down in april, so maybe we can sneak in a supper or something then cause it will be the last time until after the baby gets here!!

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