Monday, December 17, 2007

December happenings

it seems like a lot has been going on. i think partly it is just the day to day chaos that keeps me busy also. i had a doctor's appointment earlier this month, we went to the botanical gardens to the "galaxy of lights", we went to the christmas parade and luke had his holiday program/party at school. plus last week we had a small scare with micah's dad. he had a mild heart attack and had 2 stints placed and will go back in about 6 weeks to have 1 more. but he came home today and everything is fine. just new lifestyle and meds to get used to. i've had a couple of marathon shopping days and only have 3 gifts left to buy. fortunately they can wait until after christmas.

luke knew every word to the songs in his program and in usual luke style, he sat there and just looked at people. at least on the second song he decided to at least do hand motions. and i'd like to take a moment to petition prayers on his part. we are having serious issues with back talk/smart mouth/bossiness these days and i have met my absolute limit. he may have to go live in australia. susan and tony, please enjoy your baby days. don't say "my kid will never..." cause they WILL!! kiss your babies tonight and be glad they can't talk yet haha!!

they both have a little virusy cold/cough right now, so i am hoping that they are better before our trip to dothan this weekend. i am very excited to be getting to go "home" this year since i haven't been in 3 years and it will be a while before we go back.

tomorrow night we are going with our neighbor and her little boy that is seth's age to santa's village. it is the coolest thing. they get to see the reindeer, visit santa, get a cookie to decorate from mrs. claus and it even snows while we are there. hopefully i'll remember to take my camera and my kiddos will be good enough to enjoy it!!


Dana said...

I'll pray for the little guy and you!! Pregnancy hormones and a back talking child are no combination!

Tony and Susan said...

glad micah's dad is ok! and yes, we are enjoying these days of no backtalking! i have learned not to say "my child will never" and have changed it to "if my child ever..." :)

Anonymous said...

Wait until they reach the age of seven so I quess I am telling you it does not get better if it does it comes back.

Tammy English

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