Thursday, December 20, 2007

13 weeks & 2 days

so for about a week now i have been feeling our newest little bit moving around in there. it is always amazing to me to have those first little flutters. and as what the magazines/books call a "veteran mom" (yeah, right), it really does get earlier every time. with luke it came about 17 weeks. with sethy it was about 14 weeks. and this one is even earlier. and that is a perfect little christmas present for me. also, i'm just starting to get a little baby bump going. hopefully in another 2 weeks i will have a picture to actually show...even though i am not sure anyone cares! i'm not as interesting as some of my friends have been that have just had babies.

tomorrow i will be in super duper packing mode and all but about 3 gifts that are under our tree will be making the 300 mile trip down to our regular stuff. we will have to take out the back seat this time folks!! anyway, i hope you all have a very happy and blessed holiday. please be safe if you are traveling!!


Anonymous said...

Well Missy I do care that you are feeling things move around and I will be glad to see a picture of that little one inside of you. Hope it is a little girly that you are feeling move around. Be careful traveling and if you get a chance give me a call while in Dothan.


Tony and Susan said...

it took me FOREVER to know that i was feeling the babies! we better see some baby bump pictures!!

becky said...

ah yes! i was much cuter when i started getting a baby bump with luke b/c i was smaller. but i'll try to get my "har all did" and put some make up on and at least a cute top and give it a whirl. (i never have pics of me, though) and the ones micah takes are always weird since he is 8 inches taller than i am!!

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