Friday, January 4, 2008

15 weeks/3 days

had my 16 week appointment today and everything is plugging right along. the baby's heart rate was 155 and my belly is measuring just right despite being down 8 lbs (did i mention i LOVE this kid?)

and we have the date to "find out" if we'll be seeing more blue or pink for the first time on january 25th. so now, we just wait. and i don't know if i should be anxious or nervous. another boy...just throw him on the pile with the others. a girl...what in the world would i do? that is all different parenting!! i walk down spiderman aisle at walmart...i know what is cool. i turn down the "pink" aisle...and i am completely lost. so while a change would be good (probably mostly for my sanity), keeping the status quo might be easy. oh my...21 days of not being able to sleep!!


Dana said...

I have a feeling we'll be seeing some pink. But, I'm not known for knowing about those things. Either way, it'll be exactly what you need. It's like finding out whether you're getting a Lexxus or a Porshe. If it is a girl, just stay away from Brats! But this is pretty much the rule... If it's pink and sparkly, you can't go wrong. And, about the eating... Boys do eat more!! I have baby sat friends kids that are boys and they are like bottomless pits. Emma eats like a bird. I'm going to be hanging on edge until the 25th. It won't be long!!

Meredith said...

I'll be checking back in soon to hear the big news!

Tony and Susan said...

i like dana's analagy of lexus/porshe! sorry that it will be a LONG 21 days!!! you have to post as soon as you find out!!

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