Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Because my friends do this, I thought i'd jump on the bandwagon.

Cleanliness. My house used to be clean all the time (and by clean i mean clutter free). It is rarely ever that anymore b/c i don't have a big house and i live with 3 boys. but today, all of my kitchen counters are free from clutter and there isn't a single toy in the living room. that is freedom my friends.

Sticker Charts. we have reimplemented sticker charts at home now for positive reinforcement. one gets tired of constant order barking and fight refereeing. so the reward of stickers or the threat of taking them away is working beautifully for the moment. probably not in 2 weeks...but with 2 little boys, you do what you can in the moment.

Part time Work. I am working on Fridays right now. I get to work at 10 (after i take luke to preschool) and work until 530-6. for the moment, it is pure sanity b/c i get to use my brain for something adult and in 4 months, who is seriously gonna want to keep 3 kids?

Blankets. With this pregnancy, I stay cold 24/7. People always say about the summer time (you can always put more clothes on in the winter if you're cold. you can't take more off in the summer.) well, i just don't believe it. give me 90 degrees any day over 60. there is a blanket on every piece of furniture in my living room and i always wear house shoes.

Variety. a lot of people crave one thing in pregnancy. i want something different all the time. and i'm also and excited that i will get to know the difference between boys and girls.

My Hubby. he is a huge help around the house. he has been down for a couple of weeks with his hernia and the surgery and won't be back to "normal" for a month or so still, but he is still finding ways to be super helpful...and that is MASSIVE for me.

there are always more things, but this is what came to mind today. simple, but without any of them, life would be much more complicated!!

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Keep them positive thoughts coming and you need to help me give more encourage thoughts!


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