Wednesday, June 3, 2009

didja wanna see...

what i've been up to?
here, we have the during process of rewiring my kitchen. fortunately, we had a great electrician and he was super nice and super quick and super reasonable...and that was SUPER!! (if you'll look in the background, you can see my chalkboard tray that says we have 11 days until gulf shores. that was a week ago.)

i've also had to deal with this...the boys are supposed to throw their trash from lunch away when they are done. this is the evidence that seth didn't follow that rule that day. things can be "too quiet" even with an almost 1 year old!! BUSTED!!
why yes, mom. i also use pudding to paint on your semi-clean floors.
and here we have miss almost walking. she can get behind her little toy and walk from the front to the back of the house. i would assume that by the end of june, i'll have a little walker on my hands. and if you think i don't update enough now (not that any of you have said that), just wait. cause she is obviously also little miss into everything.
and yesterday, i was super busy. i washed 4 loads of laundry in preps for our trip. i re-hung sis's curtains a few inches higher...

and i redecorated my bathroom. i should have done a before and after shot. but i wasn't sure i was gonna pull it off and be quite so pleased. first, i moved a cabinet over to the other wall and replaced some of the "stuff" on top. then, i decided to make a shower curtain and hang it HIGH.
(why yes. yes that IS a twin sized sheet that i added grosgrain ribbon to and hung it on a rod with drapery hooks.)
i just slapped that bar up there where i wanted it. figured out how much i'd need to fold over from the top of the sheet. gave it a good iron and added two stripes of ribbon for a finishing touch.
so by doing that, it gave me a curtain and a valance...b/c i wanted to desperately cover up this totally hideoderous shower. i hate shower doors. HATE them.
and some of you have probably recieved that card in the frame. but doesn't it look cute? i think so. and that cutie patootie lamp came from the DG (dolla gen-ral). the shells that you can kinda see are compliments of gulf shores a couple of years ago.
and now, as completely entertaining as that was, i must bid you adieu. reason being...not sure if i've mentioned it, but we are going to the beeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaach. and we are leaving on saturday for a quick stop in troy to see our college friends. and do you know that i haven't even gotten the suitcases down from the attic yet? totally not how i usually roll. but never fear, i will be bringing my computer with me so that you can see AC on her actual birthday. i mean, who can be without that kind of cuteness?? and did i mention that i'm supposed to show my house today? yeah.


Susannah said...

#1 Your bathroom looks so GREAT! And I really mean that! The picture and lamp are too adorable and so chic looking! WOWEEE sister! Can't believe A.C. is getting so big and is almost walking!! WHOOHOOO! Have fun at the beach!

Tiffany said...

Cutecutecutecute! Good for you -- and good luck with your showing!!!!!

Kelley said...

Have fun at the beach. You are a decorating machine, I tell you, MACHINE!

Tara said...

Okay, it's been too long since I've caught up on your blog and let me say, you have inspired me!

I too hate shower doors but can't seem to buy a house without them. I especially don't like to clean the shower doors which would make this the perfect solution! I'm not quite as creative as you so buying a shower curtain my be in my future.

Have fun at the beach. Where are you? PC or Destin? Or somewhere in between? Or even already back home? Just wondering if you were close by...

Dana said...

I hate shower doors too! And I am so excited that you shared your shower curtain trick with us! Cooking and decorating, I so wish you lived near me. You are everything I wish I could be but so am not! I'm envious of your homemaking!

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