Tuesday, June 30, 2009

for everything, there is a season...

ok...don't get mad. you know we have been having some stinking luck with the house stuff lately? (meaning to sum it up, we are taking our house off the market and waiting until next year to try to sell again since luke is starting school in august and next week he has "kindergarten kamp". how cute is that??) anyway, to balance it out, i hit a little bit of a GOOD luck streak on the blogs lately. i won, count them, THREE things!! and they somehow all coordinate!

from Joy, i won a beach towel that was embroidered by kera. from kera, i won that darlin kitchen towel. and from seleta, i won that INSANE hand painted tray and glasses. they even came in a hand made pillow case type bag with a satin ribbon tie. i am DYING to display them. i know it is out right bragging, but for just today, i am going to do it.

also, the other day, darby invited us to use our fresh squash and zucchini and try her chicken delight. which i did. and i have had it again. and it is DEE-LISH!! i even added onions and peppers and i have tried it with adding a little pesto to it right over the chicken. sah-lurp. i discovered a new spaghetti sauce in the process and now have a new favorite. all that to say this...why don't yall try the mexican version of the same dish?? it will help you use some other seasonal fresh veggies like fresh corn, peppers and tomatoes. (i just realized i didn't take a picture of it cooked. this is just assembled. sorry 'bout that!)

what can i say? i was HONGRY!!
i used:

boneless skinless chicken tenderloins
sliced onion
sliced bell pepper
corn (i used frozen cause i had it. you could use some fresh i'm sure)
black beans (drained and rinsed)
salsa (i used the peach/pineapple chipotle and it was FFIINNEE!!)--you could also use your fresh 'maters but the hubs and i don't care for tomatoes unless they have been processed in some form e.g. salsa, ketchup, tomato sauce, etc..

season the chicken with jane's, pepper and chili powder. layer the ingredients as listed above on top of the seasoned chicken. put it in a foil pack (use the non stick kind. it is way too cool!!) throw it in the oven or on the grill. you could serve this with a mexican rice or yellow (saffron) rice. yum!!

and i got my living room rearranged so i could at least use one of my end tables and lamps that i madeover from my thrift store finds.

i have added black dots around that monogrammed tray (also a 1 dollar flea market find. silver tray that i spray painted and then used a paint pen to draw on the "T") and it's looks even cuter. plus, i found some square glass "candle holder plates" that are now repurposed to be coasters. i know that lamp totally dwarfs my vase, that is actually pretty chunky, but it's what i have for now. i want one of those big apothecary jars. but i'll hold off. i'm not spending $30 for one. i'm figuring it out reading a jillion crafty blogs a day. if i made a list (which i totally intend to), yall will see that i have serious issues. and that i'm "wasting" a lot of time reading blogs. but hey, it's my job to thriftily and craftily make my house a home, right?? did i mention that i also coupon? cause i totally do.


Kellie said...

AMAZING - you are one lucky gal - with blog winning, of course - sorry about the house, ALL IN GOD'S TIMING!!!!!

Susannah said...

Love the pictures from AC's party! So cute! Can't believe they are one, can you?! I hate that ya'll are taking the house off the market, but it will happen maybe in a year. It's for the best! :)

Dana said...

So impressed!

Tiffany said...

Love it! I made the Mexi-version you recommended, but squeezed a lime over the chicken, too. !Muy bien! Seriously, it was awesome -- and a great use for the last bit of salsa in the fridge!

simply seleta said...

Wow, I guess good things come in 3's! Love the tray! And those recipes are something I need to try in our camp at home. :-)

Dana said...

Yea! You got the button! I added it!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

SO stinking excited for your streak of good luck! WOW!! Plate is amazing!!!
Love the table arrangement and I am always impressed with your thrift sto' finds {Cause you know that's how I'd say it in real life}.
I can't wait to try the recipe! You are awesome!!

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