Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have been meaning to tell yall about this awesome ministry. First, I'll tell you how I heard about it. Susannah mentioned it on her blog one day. (Other than going to high school together, we also now share the bond of having had babies that were in the NICU.) if you would like to read more about Ally Claire's NICU story, check my June 2008 archives. That's really the best way to tell you b/c there are several posts about it. Or just write "NICU" in that search bar up there. Anywho, after I heard about Footprints, I IMMEDIATELY emailed the lady who started it, told her about our rock star Level III NICU here in Huntsville and asked if there would be any interest in starting a "branch...chapter" up here. And do you know what that God was already doing??? That very day, the same day Susannah posted her story and the same day i emailed Kim, (the founder...her story is here) she had just gotten off the phone with a Mrs. Baraka Truss and they had just gotten the OK to start it up!!! How awesome is that? Better yet, HOW AWESOME IS HE?? So, what in the world is Footprints? Well, you can always go to that link. But I'll tell you. It's something you will want to get involved with. Here is some information (ripped straight from the Footprints homepage):

"The Footprints Ministry is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization that began in August of 2007 at Heritage Baptist Church. We began serving Baptist South hospital in Montgomery. In December of 2007 we expanded our ministry to Baptist East hospital through the support of Grace Point Church. And we've recently expanded to serving St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham and Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, Alabama, and Shelby Baptist Medical Center in Alabaster, AL. Footprints Ministry distributes gift bags to parents who have a baby admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Baptist East and Baptist South hospitals serve 800 babies per year from 20 surrounding counties. St. Vincent's hospital serves around 350 babies per year. We have distributed over 1500 bags since August of 2007 and will distribute over 2000 in 2009. Each bags contains a Bible, disposable camera(for the nurses to take pictures when the parents can't be there), gift card to local restaurants and stores, burp cloth monogrammed with footprints, a scent blankie with poem attached for the mother to sleep with and return to the baby, travel necessities such as toothbrushes, a prayer request card, klennex, baby magazine, and pens and notepads. Each of these items are very important as most babies are premature and the families are not prepared when the baby arrives. We also do seasonal events like our Santa, Easter Bunny and Mother's Day visit.This ministry has touched the lives of so many families! We've had opportunities to meet with these families and pray with them. We've also made friends through this ministry. Our prayer is that we will share the love of Christ with these families and provide comfort and encouragement to them during the most exciting and difficult time in their life."

and now that I have given you the generics, let me tell you...you never want your baby to be in the NICU. but receiving something like this could totally lift your spirits and help you get through a hard day. the docs and nurses are super fantastic and gifted to work in this area. and they take care of your baby when you aren't able to. they give you all the information you need to know (especially those nurses!!). but sometimes, you need to know that even someone you don't know is thinking about you and your baby. and who better than someone who has been there? who knows the heartache of the NICU? God put my baby there for a reason. I feel drawn to this ministry not only because of my baby, but because of my nursing background. but God tells us to be like little children and to take care of little children. but He also tells us in Hebrews "to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it." (NLT) i like that that translation says "show hospitality". and you know what, i know those are angels we are "entertaining".

so...wanna know how you can be involved?? sure you do! that's why you are still reading! first of all, we always need prayer warriors. pray for the sick babies, for their families, for the doctors and nurses. next, get ready to visit these links:

for specific donations to the bags, click here. for the huntsville area, you don't have to be from here. you can certainly mail anything to me. just email me at btuckerrn(at)att(dot)net for my real address. (scent blankets, disposable cameras, scripture cards, booties, hats, snacks, restaurant gift cards, pens, note pads)...
for the Huntsville unit, we haven't gotten to the fundraisers....YET. but stay tuned. you can also click on the donations page of FOOTPRINTS to make monetary donations. if you live in the Huntsville area, guess what??? you can get in touch with me. my friend Kera is helping out. she is embroidering some burp cloths (thanks Kera!!) wanna do something fun? wanna come help us stuff bags? GOOD!! we are meeting this month on Thursday, July 16th from 6-8 pm in the NICU conference room located on the 3rd floor of HH for Women and Children. We will stuff the bags with the goodies we have collected and distribute them. see...no talent or money needed. just time and hands!! if you have any questions, please let me know. we would love for you to help in any way!


Susannah said...

I love it girl! I'm glad you posted this on your blog. Footprints is SUCH a GREAT organization. At the depths of my sadness with Anderson being in the NICU, I opened the Footprints bag and starting reading the bible that they provided. Immediately, I began to have a better outlook.

Susannah said...

One more side note, you can go to Footprints ministry page and purchase necklaces. Adam bought me one for Mother's Day and I LOVE IT. You can buy them at: http://www.nicufootprints.org/for_sale.html

Tony and Susan said...

i'm SO jealous! i have a copy of a newspaper article from montgomery when it started. i think suz (steece's pieces) did something like that, too. i have done a couple of baskets for people here, but don't think i have the time/energy to try to start it here. i'll find the list that i made and pass it on to you. you may not want to add anything else to the list... anyway, i'm glad you're doing it! it is an awesome thing!!!

Tony and Susan said...

oops! it was jen murray's blog 4tunate. here is the series of posts: http://murraycrew.blogspot.com/search/label/NICU%20kits

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