Friday, July 31, 2009


my friend DANA has a giveaway on her blog. in this world of everything artificial will cause you harm and probably causes cancer, it's a great giveaway. i have slowly but surely been changing my cleaners out (meaning i'm not throwing out something that is full b/c i am that cheap. but when it runs out, it'll more than likely get replaced with vinegar.) however, there is a company with natural products giving a $25 gift. so go...comment. tell her i sent you and that that should count as another vote for me too!!

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wanna know how i know dana? we met in college. she was dating a great guy who was basically like a brother to me. at the time, he had NOT quite settled down. i didn't realize anyone had come with him to devotional that week and i asked who his "flavor" was that week. yeah. she was sitting behind me. {{blush}} but she loved me enough that she asked me to sing at their wedding. and it was the first time i said yes. considering my stage fright, we were even. love you dana!!

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Dana said...

And what a fabulous job you did singing at our wedding! But the story of how we met is a little off. That was actually when I met Adam as well. I actually came with Hank and one of his friends. I was dating his friend.

I can probably give thanks to you for Adam all together. I think it was the challenge of trying to not be the "flavor of the week" that made me drop Hank's friend and go for Adam.. There is even more to that story of how Adam tricked Hank into telling me he was interested in me. I'll have to tell you about that some time.

Thanks for the shout outs!

I love you girl!

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