Tuesday, July 21, 2009

trash to treasure::pretty plates

i told you i had been thrifting a good bit lately. i am really learning to see the "bones" of things and figure out how they could work for me. to start with, let me say that i only buy bigger items like furniture (even chairs)if i know exactly where they will go and how i will use them. small things like decorative items, i weigh the option of how i'll use it with the price and if i'll use it seasonally or for something more permanant. all that being said, first up at the plates that are now mirrors. (and unfortunately for you, i'm attempting another tutorial. and if i'm being honest, when i was looking through pictures of what i've been up to, i realized that yet again, i had forgotten to take a picture of the finished project. thankfully, it's not edible and the finished product still exists lol!!)

First, you go to a thrift store and find a plate who's bones you like, but that is otherwise hidioderous.

next, you slap a coat of spray primer and then spray paint on her.

then you bust out your overpriced snooty glue mod podge and some scrapbook paper. trace the circle that is in the middle of the plate from the bottom side. cut it out. turn it to the wrong side of the paper and put a coat of MP on it.

stick it on the plate and add another coat of MP. let it dry until no longer tacky to the touch. then spray it with a coat of polyurethane. i like THIS KIND.

then get your little mirror and hot glue it to the middle of the plate. (the reason i even used scrapbook paper behind the mirror is because the mirrors i bought were too small. but it makes it cuter too, no?)

then stand it on a plate rack in your kitchen to take a picture (because the plate hangers you bought to hang them on sister's wall with were again, too small.) note to self: make appointment with eye doctor because clearly your perception is off.


BASSakward Tales said...

very cute idea...you are so creative so unlike your roommate...

Sabrina said...

You are too funny! Wish I could see the pictures (phone not loading them for some reason) but sounds like a cute idea.

John, Kisti & Maren said...

I love it! I'm thinking of doing something similar for Maren's "big girl room"! Thanks for the cute idea;)

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