Thursday, July 9, 2009



folks, we have been praying for this for a long time. how long? i'll tell you...since the very month i became pregnant with ally claire. do you know how hard that was to tell my best friend? really hard. i mean, i already had 2. but this was supposed to happen at the same time. monica is my best friend. she has stared a difficult almost 2 years in the face and with God's promise, she now gets to laugh at it! i can't tell you how stinkin excited i am. monica has been there for me with all of my kids and i owe her something fierce!! i'm glad i'll be able to drop everything and be there for her. i am her on call nurse. and even though that is nothing new in our relationship, i will get to answer fun questions like "is this supposed to be this color" and "did you do this" and "you mean all babies don't come out of the "sunroof??" i just can't wait!!

monica, you are gonna be an awesome mom. being a mom is the most difficult and rewarding job you'll ever have. it will be one that you'll never regret a day in your life. you'll mess up a lot and have to beg for forgiveness. you'll call your own mom, or me and say "come get this kid." (you know it's true cause i do it to you and my mama.) you will also have precious days of first smiles and first steps and first days of kindergarten and "mama, i love you." you deserve this. i love you more than you will ever know. and i am thrilled that you are getting your hearts desire. and i'm also glad i can take advantage of your raging hormones and make you cry. cause i know your are snottin' right now!!

yall, run over to her blog. give her some love. tell i sent ya!!! (and if you want to know why i'm "outing her" on my blog...cause she owes me. she did it to me when i was expecting luke. at least i have permission!!)


Susannah said...

That is soooo wonderful, even though I don't know her...I feel like I do through you! Congratulations indeed!!:)

Ivy said...

I'm so happy and excited for her too!! I found out early in the morning on the 4th of July about her exciting news....what a blessing!!! I have been anxiously waiting for an announcement in the blog world:)

Dana said...

How wonderful! Congratulations Monica!

Dana said...

I awarded you :)

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