Friday, July 18, 2008


first of all, my mama always told me that hate was a strong word. but i hate charter. while i am ok with them at the current moment...i was without cable and internet for 6 honkin days. now on vacation or at camp, i could care less. but when i am at home with 3 kiddos b/c i am still on kind of house arrest, it was like taking all of my friends away. i mean, all of my friends live inside of my computer. i check my email when i get up with breakfast in one hand every morning and check it before i go to bed...and usually with a huge sigh as i close the door to the boys room at nap time. i have a blog list of about 25 that i check daily (with the help of bloglines). i was clueless about important things like the sweet girl who is making me a majorly cute pimped out blog page (coming soon!!!) and the fact that "brangelina" had their twins. (ok, so the last one not important, but i DO like to keep abreast of my celebrity gossip through for 6 days and 2 hours i felt like all i did was speak 5 year, 3 year and 5 week old. but i made it.

on another note, my friend julie money has been diagnosed with either meningitis or encephalitis. she is doing better now. she got really bad really quickly and was taken to birmingham. they have the sweetest most precious family and i have just had them constantly in my thoughts. she is off of the ventilator and perking up and asking why she is in the hospital. my info is coming 3rd hand at this point, but i'm so thankful to God for answering this prayer. having to watch your child be sick is a terrible thing. having to see your child on a ventilator, whether she is 17 years old or 17 hours old is one of the hardest things. i was glad i had the experience, however different, so that i could talk to "Miss" Bonnie and tell her i knew how scared she was and that i was thinking about her and praying for them and Julie. He truly gives us experiences so that we can give a few words of encouragement in the very least.

i'll give a better update with pics in a couple of days. i'm trying to remember what all went on this week. i will say that one day there were crayons in my toilet.

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Tony and Susan said...

wow! i surely wouldn't want to live without cable/internet! we even figured out a way to get it on our vacation and would have been pretty lost without it!!

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