Friday, July 4, 2008

Thankful Thurs...uh...Friday

I am thanful that we have been home from the hospital for 2 weeks and that we are all doing well (except for maybe mama and daddy who are suffering from sleep deprivation. whoever said going from 2-3 wasn't any harder was lying. now taking care of 3 isn't too different, however operating on about 4 hours of sleep a night...b/c i'm a light sleeper...and then keeping up with 2 rowdy i'm THIRTY...yeah.)

I am thankful that my boys have awesome grandparents who love to play with them and get just as down and dirty with them as they want. it's definitely not about quantity time, but quality.

I am thankful that i don't have to get up to do every feeding at nights with AC. my husband understands the fact that he helped make them, he can help feed them (my words, not his...he just does.)

I am thankful that Luke has always LOVED babies. he was born to be a big brother and will one day be a great daddy. he tells me all the time that "baby sissy is beauty-full"...and we didn't teach him that. he just thinks she is...and he's right!!

I'm thankful that seth still takes naps every day. if not, i would be dying right now!!

I'm thankful for the doctors and especially the nurses who took care of my little girl while she was in the hospital. harriette and michelle really helped us out and we enjoyed visiting with them as much as just being there with ally claire. they knew if this neurotic mama had her way,they would have taken turns taking care of her round the clock...and they did for the first 4 days!!

I am thankful that tomorrow (well, Sunday) starts a few things fresh for me. New diet, which means new food log, new quiet time, which means new prayer journal with specific people written on each day, and thankful that it will start a new week (and thursday starts a new month for Ally Claire...already!!)

and i'm thankful i'm almost all healed up so that i can get in the pool again. did yall know it was, FOR REAL, hot outside in july???

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