Friday, July 25, 2008

picture pages picture pages...

ok, so i told you how we were without cable and internet for a week. that was a loooooong week. i'm not sure how many Disney movies we watched, but i used it as a time to introduce some newer ones that never get watched. so that was good. it also gave me the opportunity to whip out my grey's anatomy and go back and enjoy it uninterrupted from the beginning. it also gave luke the opportunity to use his imagination. i had gotten rid of most everything play doh a couple of weeks ago b/c i got tired of the fighting mostly. luke has always been very into drawing and crafts. so he started exploring. he got out his suitcase of crayons and also the art stuff that mimi got him for Christmas. (by the way mimi, we gotta work on only getting markers that are washable. seth thinks art time is for giving himself homemade tattoos...which took 2 days to come off!) anywho...this is a sampling of what Luke had to offer last week. and he is still drawing this week. he has gone through almost an entire pack of construction paper in the process. and when seth tore one of his masterpieces...oh my goodness. DRAMA!! enjoy!

i think this is luke, seth and bosley is at the bottom
(I stand corrected...this is joe, steve and blue from blues clues!!)

this is either a self portrait or micah...they all look alike to me

the artist formerly known as luke

i was impressed with this's spongebob squarepants, complete with tie and his friend patrick and spongebob's house

i also needed to busy myself, so i decided to learn how to tie hairbows. my friend's little girl needed some new ones and i knew that ally claire would need some when her hair starts getting longer. which brings me to this...she has a little cradle cap, so she is losing her a male pattern baldness kind of way. and while it didn't bother me with the boys, she is a girl. the following statement is gonna get some serious tongue lashing, i know...but just stay with me and save it. i have never been a fan of the little headbands for girls. especially the ones that look like old fashioned garters. a few years ago i saw the ones that are a thicker stretchy band that you can interchange the hairbows on. and those are at least a little better. now i will stand by the fact that i hate it when somebody slaps a biggo bow the size of their little head on there. but i think by making the bows that i did, i came up with a compromise to keep her looking girly and not like a bow head. this is a really good bow tutorial. i didn't get to use it b/c again...i didn't have internet. but it is super easy. also, when you look back at the previous post of the pic of me and the kiddos before church, i found another one that i thought was really unique and pretty. the band is braided grosgrain ribbon. i had to get that one. so she is set on bows for a little while, even though i have more ribbon. hmmm...good hobby to keep me busy some days. any little girls out there need some hairbows?? i'm tying!!


Vaughn said...

the bows look great! I wish that I would have learned to do that. It would have saved me a ton of money over the years!

Dana said...

good job! I made some a little while back for Emma but they didn't hold together so well so I'm thinking that bow making isn't my cup of tea. Chloe lost some hair too. Don't worry, it'll be back with a fury. Oh and I'm not so big into the bow head either. Looks like you found a good middle ground.


The Bowerman Blog said...

You need a website. Those bows look great - like the ones I've bought in the stores over the past few years. I need to get a little crafty and try something new. I did make some of Marah's early bows, the ones I had to use toothpaste to keep in. After that, I never tried the bigger ones. I bet it keeps you occupied for a little while during the day. Oh and Luke's drawings - I'm really impressed. He does a good job.

Tony and Susan said...

what a creative family!!!

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