Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where Am I????

Hello friends and family of Ms. Becky. I have been invited to sign in as my wonderful cousin and let you know where she is. Becky is on Day 6 at her house without cable or internet and 3 kids!!!! EEK! She's okay though and so are the kids as long as they stay in their closets :) I kid, of course. Everything is fine and Miss AC is doing great. She doesn't know when things will be back up so say prayers of patience and peace while she is away....did I mention the 3 kids?

So leave a comment for her showing your support for when she gets back in contact.

as posted by Lu


Tony and Susan said...

Thanks for letting us know because Becky is not one to stay out of the blogging world for long! Glad to know everything's fine(mostly)! please let her know that jonah got good results on his sweat test because i know she was praying for him. tell her we miss her!!

CL said...

I was beginning to wonder! Glad everything is ok. Talk to you soon!

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