Thursday, August 20, 2009

i think we need a break....

well, i don't know that NEED is the right word, but i'm gonna have to check out on yall for just a little bit. obviously, i have a few upcoming projects in the works. but also, i have got to get in more training for my job. i received a ton of "algorithms" that i have to go through not once, but twice before i can get started. yeesh! but if you called an after hours nurse, you'd want her to talk to you and not sound like everything is coming from a computer, wouldn't you? (and my bigger thing will be going through the peds stuff. have i mentioned that my "seniors" weren't the high school kind?) anywho, that being said, i need to ignore this part of the computer for a little bit. thank you for your imput on the last 2 posts. my husband thinks i'm a little nutty in some of my decisions. so i like to have back up to let him know he's the nutty one! or is it this little girl?

prissy girl, i'm gonna go on record as saying that putting your brother's boxers around your neck may not be the best idea you ever had. and i'm quite sure it's not the fashion statement you were going for. but i'm trying to embrace your individuality. you got closer today. today it was an actual shirt that you put around your neck by the arm hole. good thing it was a girly wife beater. and did i mention that you are looking entirely tooooo big standing there with your "sassy". cause you totally are. (note...sassy + 2 da-dohs, or hippos, = ni-ni...or night night.)


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I don't know how I missed this line above the comments section before, but it owns me.
I have been checked out a bit for a while and I apologize. I'm going to review the posts below and get caught up. Seems like you are going to work part time? With some kiddos?
I'll catch up. No need to fill in blonde little me.
Love that pic of AC with boxers on her head. Nothing says senior ad quite as much as that.

Tiffany said...

What an adorable photo! She is so precious I could just gobble her up!

The HoneaBees said...

My first thought was...she looks SO big standing at the bed! then I read what you said. Sad how our babies are getting so big so fast!!

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