Friday, August 21, 2009

minivan moments

on the way home from school yesterday, this conversation happened.

Luke: (from the way back) Mama, how did I get here?
Me: (are we seriously having this conversation now? i was thinking you were talking about letters and numbers today, and lo and behold, the meaning of life??) ummmm....what do you mean?
Luke: how did i get here?
Me: Well, God put you in my belly, remember?
Luke: A girl God put me in there?
Me: (seriously, what are they teaching my child??) No baby. GOd isn't a girl.
Luke: How did he get me in your belly?
Me: (note to self...check to see if they are teaching anatomy in kindergarten.) well, one day, mama and daddy loved each other so much, God decided we needed to share that love with someone else. So He put you in my belly to grow until you were big enough for us to share those hugs with you. And when you were big enough, you came out.
Luke: oh yeah. and then i went to kindergarten.
Me: that's about right.
Luke: wait...NO. first i went to preschool, theeen kindergarten.
Me: that's exactly how it happened son.

cause sometimes they need to know the correct timeline. i mean, it's all about schedules, am i right?

next up...
kids singing along to Veggie Tales "God Is Bigger Than the Boogie Man"

little sethy (who may take more after Micah in his singing abilities...sorry bubby) original words in red (cause that's how they do it in the Bible). italics is seth's version...
Bob: You were lying in your bed
You were feeling kind of sleepy
But you couldn't close your eyes because the room was getting creepy.
Larry: Were those eyeballs in the closet?
Was that Godzilla in the hall?
Bob: There was something big and hairy casting shadows on the wall.

Now your heart is feeling like a crumb...(beating like a drum)
Your skin is getting clammy.
There's a hundred tiny monsters jumping right into your jammies!

i just love these kids.


Dana said...

I thought your birds and bees explanation was perfect! Life would be so boring without children!

Tiffany said...

Hilarious!!! Those both made my day. And I may have to steal that "explanation" some day. Nice one!

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