Sunday, March 2, 2008

a sunday to sing about

so last night i prayed and prayed that God would just give me a peace about things with the house stuff. that i'm open to whatever works out and when and that i'm ok with God choosing a different plan than what i may think is best for us. while i was on the subject of peace i prayed that God would grant me the complete blessing of my kids being good for just one sunday. i have posted before about the reason i typically dread sundays and it's because my kids wake up with the devil in them and fight alllllll day and seth really wears me out in church (luke is typically good.) but when we got to sunday school i realized that there wasn't fighting in the car and there is ALWAYS fighting in the car (even though they sit on different rows!) and when we got in the car i told the boys that mommy thoroughly enjoyed her sunday because everyone acted like such big boys and i thanked them for doing so. the weather was rockin, i got my grocery shopping done without the typical sunday afternoon walmart crowd, came home and went outside with micah and the kids, packed a few boxes of! it was a terrifically, awesome, no bad, very good day. i wish more were like that!!

and i found some peace about the house stuff.

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Tony and Susan said...

awe! i LOVE days like that! how awesome!

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