Saturday, March 1, 2008

just a quick note

we went house hunting again today. we have found a house that is super sharp and we are absolutely in love and it is a great size for our family. it is an awesome price, but we need to sale our house first. we had someone come look at our house today and we will have someone come on monday. (that will bring our total number of looks to 6 since last wednesday!) and you never know what sunday will hold. just pray that our house will sale quickly. we are not in a dire NEED situation, we just thought it would be nice to be in another house before ally claire gets here. and of course now that we have found one that we love, we are crazy about wanting ours to sell. so just pray that it will happen and that we will have faith. our neighbor just put hers up for sale as well so that will make things interesting. (we basically have the same house, just different size yard and we have an additional building.) but say a little prayer for her as well. she is dear to my heart and we have different reasons for "needing" to move, but hopefully people will fall in love with our houses and realize if they can't have one, then they can have the other!!

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