Sunday, March 30, 2008

the short version...

i swear in a couple of days, i will get on here and post as many details as my little heart desires. but for now, i'm gonna give you this in the readers digest seriously condensed version. my birthday was fabulous. luke helped micah make me a peanut butter pie, and he sang me happy birthday. too cute. then i went to the spa and it was to die for. went to eat with my hubby alone and that was awesome as well. sunday the lesson in sunday school was everything micah and i have been talking about lately so that rocked. sunday afternoon we got an offer on our house and had it sold by 9pm. now i'm stressed and will NOT be able to sleep b/c i feel like i've had 9 cups of coffee. we don't have a house picked out for us, but we DO at least have contenders. we are supposed to close on this house april 30th. i gotta go pick up my mama tomorrow afternoon. PTL she will be here alllll week b/c i will need her in the worst way!! if for nothing else, stress management/OCD control!!

please pray that micah and i find the house that is right for our family and that we can get everything going this week financially and that this mama (who will be bringing a baby home in 10 weeks on top of everything else) can find some of God's perfect peace.

details will follow...i promise!! unless yall tell me otherwise that is!

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Tony and Susan said...

wow! awesome weekend!! i know you'll find the perfect house! and only 10 weeks to go?!? she'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes...

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