Sunday, April 6, 2008

crazy/busy--the loooong version

what a week! i am completely exhausted and am glad it's over. let's see...monday i drove down to clanton to pick up my mama. she was a huge help this week and i'm glad she was here. at the very least, it saved plenty of phone calls this week. tuesday, after i had to eat a snickers and drink a regular sprite at 6:15 (28 week glucose tolerance test...i know...i shouldn't complain, but it is just GROSS for breakfast and i typically feel like crap the rest of the day!) we took the boys to walmart and just played around here. not too much to offer on that. wednesday luke had school, we had some shopping to do, we took sethy to the play area at the mall and had lunch before going to pick luke back up. thursday...yeah. the inspector came that morning with their realtor and the buyer and...i'll get to that in a little bit. we took the kiddos out to hazel green (30 minutes northeast of athens), then drove back to huntsville (20 minutes south of HG) to the doctor for my 4-D ultrasound. Fortunately sissy cooperated and showed her little face (and her 100% certainty of being a girl) and she looks soooooo much like...SETH! i really thought she would look like Luke from her previous profile on ultrasounds. and she does have his nose, it seems. but the cheeks and lips are alllllll sethy bean! and we were able to tell that she has hair! but then again all my babies are born with some hair...we are just always curious to know what color it is gonna be!! and if it's gonna be curly or not!! i go back for my 32 week appointment on the 23rd and after that i will start going every 2 weeks. now that's a trip. it has gone soooo fast. but even better is that i will get to call to schedule the actual day!!

after the appointment, we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed back out to HG to look at 3 more houses...and i mean really look at them and try to make a decision about what we wanted to do. really there were only 2 that we needed to choose from, but we looked at a 3rd just to have another option. an hour and a half later we picked up the kiddos (who were both without a nap) and headed back home. a little bit later, ellen and maddie came by to bring us supper (thank goodness b/c i was tired and offering a home cooked meal apparently wasn't on my agenda this past week!! poor nana!!) and a birthday gift! i was so wiped after that, that i just decided not to go to work on friday. we had decisions still to make depending on what the inspector said/buyers wanted, luke to take to school and a house to kind of pick up around for one more guest. monica. now, it's not like monica or mama require anything special. after all, they are family. but come on. who knows me and all my OCDness?? i'm a neat freak as it is. other folks being around didn't squelch that. i think it turns it into overdrive! plus it rained allllllll day on friday. and when i say rain, what i mean is monsoon. i hooked the pump up under the house (we have a crawlspace) and pumped water out from 10 that morning until 9 that night. holy moly!!

saturday was my baby shower. thank goodness for a nonstressful time! it was much needed. my friends brandy and ellen hosted it. ally claire is gonna be one spoiled, froo froo little girl!! i got her bedding in and it's actually the first time i have laid eyes on it. it was an online only thing, so i was praying it was just as cute in person...and it IS!!! my friend tiffany who made the letters for her room match is beautifully and i can't wait to get her room ready. (i already had all that done by this time with the boys...but since we are in limbo...) anyway, we had good food, awesome gifts and i will brag and say i took today to get my thank you notes written. otherwise, it may get forgotten in the next few weeks! i have the best family and friends. stuff. last friday the buyers called and wanted to come take a final look because they were trying to decide between our house and one other. we were thinking that the woman really wanted our house b/c it was nicer and more move in ready. the husband wanted the other because it was cheaper (isn't that typically the case??) we knew their realtor was gonna push for a decision that weekend. and on sunday we got a call from our realtor about 345 that afternoon (we were walking out the door at 4 to go over to HG to furniture shop for the boys and go to church with micah's parents...which is where our realtor goes to church.) he brought the papers to church. we made a counter offer. he left and called them after church and when we got home about 830 we go them to agree to our offer. so, then came the inspection. he came out on thursday. we DID expect them to say something about wetness under the house. (like i said earlier, most of the houses in north alabama are built on a crawl space and everyone around here that i know of has had to have a sump pump put in...not an issue. totally ok.) and we expected there might be a few minor things. well...they want us to replace our whirlpool tub with another whirlpool tub...FOR NO HONKIN' REASON. the inspector said that it leaked down into the crawlspace. however, functionally there is nothing wrong with the tub. we looked at lowes just for kicks, and our tub would have to be a special order and would be 1000K minimum. ummmmm...everyone with me...THAT WOULD BE A NO!!! otherwise they want "an electrician" to come out and replace 3 electrical sockets with the ones that have the reset button on them. nothing is actually wrong with the sockets that are there right now. again...that is a no. they want us to regrade, seed and hay along the back of the house b/c they don't think there is enough slope for water drainage. they are sending a foundation specialist out tomorrow to look under the house to see what they suggest. micah told me today he will listen to what they have to say tomorrow, but he is thinking that what he is gonna do is just tell them we are willing to pay "x" amount of money from our profit and they can fix what they want to from that. otherwise...nice to meet you.

seriously. i have 3.5 weeks to know if i'm moving or not. i'm 29 weeks pregnant. we would need to make an offer on the house we have decided on, have it inspected, get my house packed, on top of taking care of my 2 & 4 year olds which includes school 2 days a week and working 1 day a week. yall have realized i need to be committed, right??

anyway, just pray that the next couple of days goes well and that God will give us the clear answer of what we need to do right now. if we move, it's now. otherwise, we will relist our house in july. and if that is the case, which is fine, i still have to buy 2 twin beds and bedding, move seth in to luke's room, paint ally claire's room (which is seth's current room) and get both of those set up and then figure out what is left to do for her. i'm not stressed. i'm not stressed a bit.....(anyone else laughing???)


Tiffany said...

First of all, I am so honored that my letters got a mention and that they do, in fact, match. I was totally guessing based on the bedding pictures from your registry. And I'm so glad that the bedding was as cute as you'd hoped!

I'm just sory that you're having to deal with such frustrating buyers. I hope the deal goes through for you and that they stop being unreasonable about these changes.

Tony and Susan said...

wow! that is one rockin' week!! glad you somehow survived!

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