Monday, April 21, 2008

The Boys' Room

The boys, especially Luke waited a week for the transformation of his room into "the boys room". He was so excited that he would get a roommate. These days we can tell Seth most anything and if Luke is excited about it, so is he. I took them to the store and let them pick out their bedding (with my approval anyway...and yes, it was hard not being the one to make all the decisions.) I started getting their toys reduced and put into Luke's room during the week b/c i knew that would be a task in itself. Plus i needed to go ahead and move some furniture out. Micah had a boys day on saturday but on sunday, i had been promising the boys that they would get their new beds. Micah was under the weather on Sunday, but we had promised and they were about to go bonkers to get into their new rooms!! They have done awesome together!! there have been a couple of times that seth has woken up before luke and luke was upset when seth wasn't in there. But we assured him that seth DID sleep in there. Seth has been a super champ about taking naps. He asks me to lie down with him for a few minutes at night (which after i did it the first couple of nights, i figured it would become a constant request), but i'm OK with that for now. I have NO idea what will happen when I'm in the hospital, but i'll worry about that when the time gets here. So here it is..."the boys room".

After waiting and waiting, Luke loves his new bed in the "boys room"

A look in the door while it's clean

Seth's side

the closet is where most of the toys are condensed-toy bins galore and a tool table

the changing table becomes the entertainment center


Tiffany said...

Bravo! I love the colros nad the bedding is adorable. You're raising boys with great taste! I just love how excited they are to be sharing. That's just too cute and it's got to warm your heart, as a mom.

Tony and Susan said...

the boys' room looks great!! what a fun never-ending slumber party :)

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