Monday, April 7, 2008

the final decision

if you haven't already, scroll down to see the events leading up to the finale.

today the "foundation specialists" came. they came in their button up dress shirts and khakis. they read the inspector's report. they took 5 minutes to kneel down by the crawlspace door. they then walked back around and handed me an estimate for....wait for it...$4500 for a drain and sump pump. and that doesn't include wiring. i seriously laughed out loud. micah called our realtor and said that we could be willing to negotiate some things and write them a check at closing for a muuuuuuuuch smaller amount and they could do what they wanted with it. they thought about it and as much as they wanted the house, they are on a time constraint and needed to look other places. CAN I JUST SAY FINE BY ME???

our goal has always been to move by spring 2009. we put it up now b/c if it happened just right before ally claire got here, then that would be fine. otherwise, the plan was always to wait. i have prayed for big answers and God certainly provided. the house we loved sold 2 days before we got the offer on this house. things with these people have been so crazy the last couple of weeks that i have been super anxious. the 2 houses we had to choose between (b/c that was seriously all we had to choose from that wasn't exactly what we already have) just weren't completely what we wanted. so God promptly said wait. and so we will.

so for now, we will continue to reside in athens. the next 8 weeks hold many doctor's appointments, finishing up another year of school, painting a room, getting beds and bedding so the boys can become roommates and getting everything ready for sissy's arrival. that is surely plenty for now!! i am thankful to have a sigh of relief!! now i hope this helps my neighbor's house sell.


Tiffany said...

I feel so relieved for you and I am so glad that you feel so at peace about the situation, too. I can't imagine having tow little ones and being so far along with #3 while thinking about moving. Yikes! I'm really glad you all have decided to stay put for a year. I know you'll be able to find a dream house then, rather than having to feel rushed into the whole situation.

And, again, I am so impressed with how you're handling everything!

Tony and Susan said...

i like your jesus colored glasses! glad you are settled on things for now!

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