Thursday, April 17, 2008


one day i will realize that i should take it easy. this is the statement i made to micah last night. his response was laughter and he sarcastically said "yeah." and i said "in 7 weeks i'll have staples and will have to." then my next thought was "ya know, when i had luke, we changed rooms the day after my c-section and i was picking up my suitcase to move across the hall."

anyway, that was random. however, the room is painted and the curtains have been hung and yesterday i took it upon myself to clean out the clutter that has started accruing in my garage and storage building from "moving prep". can anyone say nesting?? today's plan is to put the crib together and vacuum in there and start getting things in place. the weekend i will use for getting clothes organized (as i have a shower at work tomorrow so no reason to start that today.) and hopefully that will be the end of getting ready for little sister.

next wednesday is my doctor's appointment and i think it's when i start going every 2 weeks. and if i haven't mentioned it, i really think she is facing forward b/c i can see every move, every kick. it is strange!! and i know i have felt actual feet and knees. and i think i'm starting to have a liiiiiiittle swelling. (i need some more epsom salts, Dana!!) i have been able to wear my rings, but i noticed the last couple of days that they are getting a little tight. that and how do you gain 5 lbs in 2 days? just another reason to take it easy and chug some water.

and i promise pictures are coming. just stay tuned. you know i'm OCD and want you to see the finished product!!


Dana said...

LOL, thanks for the shout out. You're in the home stretch! I'm going to get the clothes together and get them to you in the next week or so. I think we're at the end of the cool weather here. I'm staying tuned for pictures

Love you

Tony and Susan said...

ok...after my c-section, i didn't want to move for MANY days! you better take advantage of people telling you to take it easy!!

ps. i'm just now catching up on your blog so i commented on the last several posts so make sure you check them out :)

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