Thursday, April 10, 2008

thankful thursday

sorry it is so late. i have been so busy in the last couple of weeks with house stuff, but i feel like i'm letting my small little population down if i can't find something to be thankful for.

and so...

~I'm thankful that God put a little boy into my life that i never met. his illness showed me the true power of God. it is something i need to be reminded of, especially being in the medical world.

~I'm thankful that all I lack getting the boys merged into one room is getting their beds. that will be checked off this weekend.

~I'm thankful that Ally Claire is hanging in there, despite the fact that her mama thinks there is no rest for the weary and is determined to work like a farm hand despite being 30 weeks pregnant. (hopefully that will just teach you perseverance sissy!)

~I'm thankful that i have an excuse to ask Micah for a foot rub or a back rub for the next 8 weeks. after that, i'm afraid i'm on my own.

~I'm thankful that Luke is strong. otherwise i would have killed him by now. thankfully he says things like "mama, you worked hard today. you get an extra sticker!" to cancel out the times he beats on his brother.

~I'm thankful that this past week, sethy has pooped in the potty twice and tt'd in public twice. that is progress and that one should really be at the top of the list.

~I'm thankful that i didn't have time to put my kids down for a nap today with all the furniture moving and now, they will go to bed in 15 minutes (yep...that's 7:30!)

~I'm thankful that there is a bag of brownie mix in my pantry, b/c i DO believe it is time for a treat!!

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Tony and Susan said...

AWESOME!!! thanks for not letting me down!!! i seriously do LOVE seeing what you come up with to be thankful for!

the other day i really wanted some mcdonald's fries and i said to tony that at that moment i missed being pregnant because that was always an excuse to get to eat whatever i wanted :)!!

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