Monday, April 14, 2008


ok. there has been sooo much going on around our house. and i promise i'm gonna have a super long update with photos soon. it may be a work in progress for the blog since what we are doing is a work in progress. but i'll say that yesterday we finally got the boys moved in together and today i started priming what was seth's room which is what will now be sister's room. his room was a jungle green and now it's gonna be "aloe"...a very pale green. i know, i'm a green-a-holic. but no other color would do. i can't have an all pink room or i'd gag. i'm a girl, but froo froo was never my gig. so i'll give you some updates soon.

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Tony and Susan said...

i find that the froo frooness is slowly building. i was very anti-pink but now that is my favorite color for my claire!

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