Wednesday, April 23, 2008

at least he was polite...

ok, this is a luke story. the things that come out of his mouth these days...they make me laugh, they infuriate me, and everything in between. this particular story makes me laugh. here is a little background. since luke was about a year and a half old, his favorite snack is the "4 cheese" Cheese Nips. only that flavor will do (thanks, mimi!) if i buy 100 dollars in snacks, these will be the first things to go. when he started identifying them, everything was about color, so he called them orange crackers. still does. (that is important.) this past weekend i went grocery shopping and walmart didn't have the 4 cheese flavor. GASP!! it was the only think lacking on my list and nearly as important as milk and chocolate poptarts as we had been out of most everything for a couple of days. anyway, when i got home, he noticed that i didn't have said beloved snack. i told him we would have to visit another store later. well the next day while micah was yard working, i decided to load the kids up to go waste time until he was done. we went back to walmart and cheese nips. so i told luke we could check out k-mart since there were a couple of things there i needed. when we got there...NO CHEESE NIPS!! so i told him that we would have to go to another store the next day. while we were checking out, the lady that was helping us was in her 20s and probably about 5'0" tall. cute. petite. and if you have been to a kmart lately, you know the registers are basically on top of each other, so there were plenty of people within hearing range of luke saying:
"EXCUUUSE me little girl...but you don't have any orange crackers here!!" like he just knew that she was the one he needed to tell b/c surely she could rectify the situation. i'm sure for the first time ever i blushed, laughed with everyone else and said "well, at least he was polite i guess."


and his other favorite thing to tell me is "mama...sethy is gettin' on my nerbs." (getting on his nerves.)

when we left for school this morning he said "mama, it sure is a beautiful day. it is amazing." not sure where he heard that, but i'll take it. any props to the Creator is fine by me!

and tonight he looked at me at the table and out of the blue he says "'re being weird." then he told micah " look different today."


Tony and Susan said...

that is hilarious that he called her a little girl!! thanks for sharing!! i always LOVE to read the funny things kids say!!

Dana said...

Me too to Susan :). Cute, cute, cute.

Jan said...

How cute is that! Hope you found the right orange crackers since!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting the other day!

Tiffany said...

Awesome. Just awesome.

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