Thursday, March 27, 2008

thankful thursday

1. i'm thankful that it is almost the weekend which means it will be my BIRTHDAY!! this is a big one. the big three-oh! i am super excited b/c i can just feel how much smarter i will be.

2. i'm thankful that for my birthday, i will be getting a 60 minute prenatal massage, a manicure and a pedicure. plus my friend brandy will come keep the kiddos for a little date to the macaroni grill with my hubby.

3. i'm thankful that on monday, i will travel to clanton to pick up my mama and she will be here for a week. she has NEVER done that before and this will save me countless hours on the phone next week!! (i'm also thankful she will be cutting my hair!!)

4. i'm thankful that it has been a pretty good week with the kiddos, even though today looks like it has the potential to be a doozy.

5. i'm thankful for the awesomeness that is cocoa rice krispy treats. and peanut butter rice krispy treats. and i'm really thankful i made a pan of each last night.

6. i'm thankful that micah got a bonus for the first time in 3 years and that it was actually the biggest one he has ever gotten. way to go smart daddy. just in the nick of time for buying new beds for the boys.

7. i am most excitedly super thankful that next week, i will get my first real look at my little tinkerbell. we are scheduled for our 4-D ultrasound and nana will be here to witness it! (from her earlier profile pic, i think she will look like Luke...but we'll see!)

~NOTE: next thursday's thankful edition will hopefully include new pictures of sissy!


Lisa said...

the big 3-0... not as bad as it seems. It does make you feel really grown up though.
Hope you have a great Birthday!

Tony and Susan said...

YAY! Happy Birthday!!! 29 was much harder than 30!!! can't wait to see 4d pics!

ps. thanks yet again for thankful thursday!!

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