Thursday, March 20, 2008

thankful thursday

it's that time again.

1.) first and foremost i am thankful for the betty crocker company and the dr. pepper company. without them, i would have never made it through tuesday and neither would have my children.

2.) i am thankful that i was resourceful enough to think about our popup baby cabana tent yesterday when it was raining. it came to me for the kids to play campout in the living room. that was 2 hours of entertainment and minimal fighting.

3.) i am thankful that most things in my house are washable since seth seems to be on a semi potty strike for the last few days. i mean...seriously.

4.) i am thankful that we have nothing planned for the weekend. micah got yard work done last weekend so that leaves plenty of time on saturday for easter egg dying (and possibly some hunting.)

5.) i'm thankful that i don't really remember anything from before i was 5. that gives me hope that my kids won't be too scarred from their childhood.

6.) i am actually thankful for my kids. these days, i don't have anything else to offer in conversation it seems like!!


Tiffany said...

HAHAHA! Number five is awesome...

Tony and Susan said...

i concur with #5!!

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