Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I totally started not to do this today b/c it has been a really rough day. But I don't like to disappoint my readers (well, mainly Susan since she has told me she likes thankful thursday.)

**I'm thankful that after this morning's toilet incident, that I could take care of things myself and didn't have to call a plumber...cause it was a close call. I will leave the details with that.

**I'm thankful that my washer and dryer work because I have spent alllllll day washing clothes from the above said incident.

**I'm thankful that all of the laundry is now done and folded and I'm sure I can talk my hubby into putting it away since I had to work so diligently while fixing snacks, cups, lunches and breaking up fights to get it done.

**I'm taking food to a friend from church tonight. and the reason I'm thankful is that i'm only having my 3rd child and she just had her FIFTH. holy....

**I'm thankful that spaghetti cooks so quickly b/c i have to drive 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back and her food is supposed to be there around 6.

**I'm thankful my kids will have to go with me so I don't feel obligated to stay so I can get home and get supper cooked for my crew.

**I'm thankful that I have had the week off from keeping my house all museum like. But I'm hoping to return it to that state for the weekend for more lookers.

**Again, I'm thankful tomorrow is Friday and I get to go to work b/c the punk wreckers are making this mama a little restless.

**and finally...I'm thankful that I got to observe some of the wisest words ever spoken in all of moviedom today while folding said mountains of clothes..."wax on...wax off."

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Tony and Susan said...

awe!! thanks for thinking of me! i really needed a thankful thursday since i have been totally bummed all week because our daycare decided to charge us in the summer even when the babies are not going to be there! and here is a quote for you, "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you bag the produce"...Curious George.

again, thanks for reminding me that i need to be thankful, regardless!

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