Thursday, February 21, 2008

thankful thursday in a fog

it's that time of week again. and i am in the beginnings of the sinus crud, so bare with me.

I am thankful that after a very stressful week, my house finally got shown for the first time and that it's over with. (see posts below for further details.)

I am thankful that while walking through Walmart, even though my kids say they want everything they see, they are not the kids who feel the need to reach out and actually try to get everything. Concussions avoided for now.

I am thankful that when I am sick, my kids are plenty happy with peanut butter on wheat Ritz and accept that or cereal and an applesauce as a completely rounded meal. (of course, as picky as Luke is, he thinks that's nearly all there is to eat anyway.)

I am thankful that I am not beyond letting the TV babysit my kiddies for a day while I play mommy hookie with a few magazines and a box of Kleenex plus lotion.

I am thankful that my hubby understood, eventhough he has had a terribly long week himself, when I sequestered myself to my room last night b/c i could feel the ickiness coming on.

I am thankful that my stress headache that I had since Sunday is gone. (i am very unthankful that it is now in my FACE!!)

I am thankful that I have a close group of girlfriends that when I am feeling like a worn out mommy, wife and Christian, they let me know that they are in my boat, but still can find a way to encourage me.

I am thankful that we have Best Buy cards from Christmas and Micah's birthday so that micah can go buy our printer/scanner today while it is on sale and that i will finally be able to post a picture of what I am most thankful for. (cause let's face it, for the time being, she is seriously the easiest to take care of !)

I'm thankful that I can still manage the brain power to be thankful for something when i seriously don't feel like being thankful at all!!

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