Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 things i learned from being a mom

1. a good coat of paint covers a multitude of sins...or snot or cheetos handprints.

2. all the things you say will come back to haunt you and you never know where you'll be when they do!

3. i can take care of anyone or their kids, but please Lord don't let mine get anything more than a cold. i'm not equipped.

4. when they say that picky eating is just a phase, no one ever met luke tucker. he is their king since he has eaten the same things (which is a mighty short list) for 3.5 years. phase my hiney!!

5. boys are boys from conception. they cannot hear nor can they ring a toilet bowl.

6. on becoming a parent, i can cry at anything nearly on command. i cannot handle seeing or hearing anything that has anything bad to do with kids or animals.

7. when you are a stay at home mom, after that first one, you are always outnumbered most of the time, so the addition of one more can't be that much harder, right?? (we'll find out!)

8. moms who work outside the home and then come home and still have to do everything i've had all day to do (tammy english is my hero), just rock my socks. i am convinced God gives them more super powers than the average mom.

9. God did NOT mean for anyone to parent alone. that's why it takes 2 to make a baby. people who are single or even those married but don't have the help they deserve all need a weekly spa day. i am most greatful for my superdad hubby!!

10. i will never ever be adequate enough or qualified to fill the job position that i have been graciously given. it is the bestest, hardest, most precious, most infuriating job i will ever have and i wouldn't miss it for the world!!

i now tag kristen, amy, meredith and tammy


Dana said...

Thanks for humoring me :)

I put a little something in the mail to you today. It's just a little something but I thought I was going to be the first with a girly gift. Oh well.

becky said...

hey, you won't see me turning anything down. remember, my grand total of girly things is approximately 1!!

Amy Lu said...

I've finished the assignment Ms. Tucker. Go grade me.

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