Sunday, February 24, 2008

now that was crazy

Holy Smack! Now that was a little crazy!! Last week was a little insane for my taste. I have already posted what all happened between monday and wednesday to get the house shown and my doctor's appointment. Now, for Thursday on. Thursday I was a sick little girl. Still am. I have the sinus crud. however it feels like today it's not so much in my face, other than a snotty nose, but i'm thinking it's creeping down to my chest. hopefully in a week or so i'll be on the mend. Friday Luke has preschool and I have work and Micah's mom keeps Seth. It was a long work day for me, but luke had an awesome day at school and i guess seth was pretty good. on the way home micah said we had another realtor call wanting to come to the house on saturday. good news, only that meant i needed to straighten the house back up and vacuum/mop, etc...after my long day b/c like i said, thursday i felt like i had been hit by a truck so i just let the wreckers run wild. saturday morning i had a CEU class for my nursing license and micah and the kiddos were gonna go to the store while the house was being shown. and of course micah has them all ready and the realtor had forgotten to update her remote to get the keys out of the lock boxes, so she needs to come on sunday. aggrevating. especially when you have 2 kids and you are not wanting to be there when folks come. no problem. less i needed to do on saturday. only when i pull up in my driveway, i see a strange truck. and i called the house from my cell phone just in case i had missed something from micah b/c my cell phone was basically dead. apparently a man had driven by our house, pulled up, called our realtor and asked if he could just come in and see the house. what the??? who does that? (his son had bought a house down the road and he and his wife are interested in the area as well.) and after a look around, he wants to bring her back. oh, and the lady from wednesday who was in from out of town wants to come back in a couple of weeks with her husband as well. and then that afternoon at 3:30 another realtor called and wanted to come an hour later. which was fine b/c we were going to do a little obligatory registering anyway. sunday we had a few houses lined up that we were going to look at, plus the people were coming to our house. the ones from saturday liked the house but needed an extra room. the ones from sunday are interested and have us in the top 3. house hunting experience. seriously, i completely expected that people would have gone to the same trouble that i did in decluttering and making sure things were nice and clean. the first house we saw was clean enough, but there was waaaaay too much work that would have to be done before i moved in (like pulling down mountains of wallpaper and painting.) #2 which from pictures we thought would be good, would have had to be completely repainted, there were some structural stuff, i would have replaced the vinyl, the bathroom was weird...NEXT. #3 was pretty good. it definitely had potential. i really liked the kitchen area and the rooms were a good size and there was an extra room for toys but i would have to repaint the kids bathroom and both bedrooms...and let's talk about the back yard situation. holy moses. i don't think they ever did a thing to it. we would have to completely redo the backyard plus fix the covered patio. so we would have to do some immediate work. plus, after talking at length about it, there just didn't seem to be room to grow. and did i say that it didn't look like they had wiped the counters, there was laundry everywhere (and by that i saw this woman's underwear plus there were shoes in the middle of the bathroom and pants left in the floor by the bed. i mean, when you have 24 hours notice, clean your house. #4 was the best by far. it had 3 bedrooms and a huge loft area upstairs. the bedrooms were plenty big enough that the boys could share a room when they are little (b/c let's face it...unfortunately this is not my last move.) there was a good amount of storage and room to grow. so it is a possibility at least. but we will keep looking. my fear is that our house will sale before we find what would be best for our needs. but i know God will work it out in the mean time.

and on an ending note, i went to Kroger to grocery shop last night b/c it seemed like they had a good sale. and i saved 25$. i was so stinkin excited. and it is actually 8:45 on monday when i type this and luke has had 2 time outs (one actually being sent to his room) and seth has had 3 (one actually sending him to his room as well.) i have mountains of laundry to do, so it will be another crazy day. didn't the Lord rest at least one day?

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Tiffany said...

Becky, I am so with you. You know how much I HATE house cleaning but seriously -- If you know people are going to be there and you want them to but the house, don't you think there would be even a little bit of effort put into it?

Good luck with it all! I know the right buyers are out there for your current place and that hte right home is waiting for your growing family to move in!

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