Wednesday, February 20, 2008

22 weeks 4 days

holy messness...that was a looooooong morning. first off, i got a call yesterday afternoon (when i already had my kiddos strapped in the van at 3:30) that they wouldn't be able to show my house at 4 b/c the people had something come up. they had driven by on monday and definitely still wanted to come look before heading out of town. (good sign, right?) so i had to keep my completely immaculate house as good as i could for the next 16 or so hours. so they came this morning around 1130 or so. today being wednesday, that means it's luke's preschool day and i also had a dr.s appointment in which i was taking seth with me. we needed to do another ultrasound today b/c last time she was too little to see everything we needed to look at. (and all i cared about at the last one was her "femaleness". so at 9 a.m. i head out to take Luke to preschool. Then i swung by Micah's office to get him (b/c he comes to all appointments unless there is seriously a reason he can't.) Then we head on off to the Women's pavillion. Sethy looked super cute as he just got his new bug back pack and he likes to wear it on his back. I got called back to ultrasound and of course, she is all curled up in a ball...meaning her legs are over her head!! We did get another face shot and another "girl" shot, but the heart is really what we needed to see. She just was NOT into cooperating (definitely my child.) so she said i would probably have to have another on the next visit. so i go over to the other side to have the rest of my visit (vitals, tummy measured). while waiting, and sethy is starting to be a booger and he and micah have to go back out to the waiting room) i hear my doc say he needs to run deliver a baby. that doesn't bother me. it happens. so the nurse comes in and gets my tummy measured and says to wait in the waiting room for a minute b/c they may can try to u/s me again so i don't have to make another trip, or worse, go to birmingham. (let me state now that they didn't ever thing anything was wrong, they just couldn't get a clear view.) so we waited another 15 minutes or so and went to a different u/s machine. when i got in there, apparently Ally Claire was all stretched out and they saw everything and she was perfect looking and we even got a pretty little profile picture. By then, my doc was back and he still wanted to see me, so he measured me again and said everything was fine. My BP is good and I measure just right. No weight gain (which means i'm still in the negative) and he said "you're still eating, right?" and i wanted to say "like a linebacker!!"

Then we left for lunch. We were running a good bit later than we expected, sethy was beginning to be even more trolly, and i had to fly like the wind to get micah dropped off and get to luke's school by 1. but we are home, people are in bed, and my house got shown as evidenced by the card that was left on my table. I hope it was worth their wait!!

i will get micah to scan and email me the u/s pics so i can post them as part of thankful thursday tomorrow. and i will try to finally get a belly picture up. warning...i'm still not very big at all, so i have to wear a certain dress to make it look like i am!!

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Tambo said...

Well I am glad that everything was okay and you did not have to worry about all of that. And we will continue to pray that your house will sale soon.

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