Thursday, February 14, 2008

thankful thursday-valentine's day edition

**i am thankful that micah is the bestest daddy in the whole world. my children absolutely adore him and he does them. he takes care of them (not "babysits" like some dads), he plays with them, he gives them their bath at night time so i can have a break.

**i am thankful that micah sees that i need girl time. i only ASK on occasion. usually i just announce that i'm going out for supper or shopping or something with a friend. but he never blinks b/c i think he gets that a happy mommy is one that is exposed to estrogen from time to time.

**i am thankful that micah has a good job that completely supports us and has good insurance and that he is so smart and does well an is valued at that job. it allows me to stay home with the kids. and as hard as that job is, i wouldn't trade it for anything.

**i am thankful that micah takes care of himself. he sees the importance of physical exercise so that he can be here for us longer. (now i won't get into his eating habits, but we'll stay positive and say we are glad that it all evens out and that he has good genes lol!!)

**most of all, i am thankful that he comes home to me and the kiddos every day. a lot of men see their career (or someone else) as more important, and i know without a doubt that we are the most importantest in the world to him. and that is just fine by me!

i love ya babe!


Tony and Susan said...

thankful thursdays are the best! i really like how we have men that can take care of their own kids and not once look at it as "babysitting"!! we have good men!

becky said...


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