Friday, February 15, 2008

a little miffed plus updates 1 & 2

UPDATE 1: i emailed the realtor's secretary (who is the one who actually choses and posts the pictures) and told her that i wasn't happy with the quality as some were mislabeled and looked dark and you couldn't see the color of the room--and as someone who has painted this ENTIRE house while pregnant, it was that important to me!). she gave me the dementions of the ones they use and said she would use what pics i wanted. (i mean, i didn't expect any less since they will get 5-6% of the sale...HELLO!!)

UPDATE 2: this is the email i got back after resizing and sending my pics:
Becky you are right some of yours are much better! We will change them tomorrow, Glenn (computer expert) has dental appt this afternoon and won't be back today. We can only use 6 pics but will definitely change to yours that are better tomorrow. Thanks, Martha

so i told you that our realtor came this past saturday to take pics of the house. well i get a call from his secretary yesterday saying she deleted all the pics and that he needed to come back out this morning (when i wouldn't be here and my MIL was here with seth) to get new ones. (this came after micah called and asked how long it took to get pics up.) well i looked at the pics and they completely suck and at least 2 pics are labeled wrong. what the crap? it has luke's room labeled as the master bedroom and seth's as room #2. i told micah if we had no bites this month then i'd sell the danged thing myself as my pics look 100% better. and elmo and friends are in the pic of my living room.


Tony and Susan said...

yikes! your realtor totally needs to come back out and start over...again...and drop her commision...

becky said...

unfortunately it is his retarded secretary who deleted the first pictures and then picked the "best" ones. she got an email this morning telling her that i had better ones that i preferred that they use and if she would send me the dimentions that they needed, i'd be glad to send them and that the ones they put on there were mislabeled. and i'm sorry, this pregnant lady worked hard repainting my whole honkin house for it to not look like a cave. otherwise i'd just as soon them take them down.

Amy Lu said...

That is frustrating. Your pics totally rock and should be used. How hard is it to label pictures???? You really think a little boys room is the master bedroom??? really????

I'd just call the realtor and ask him what dimensions are needed and send them on. Or just go over there with pictures in hand (on disk whatever) and get it settled. You know your OCD won't let this just pass over ;)

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