Monday, February 18, 2008

not made for this...but it's good!!

i got a call from a realtor at about 3:30 saying they had a client interested in seeing our house (along with about 3 others and that ours would be next in line.) she wanted to know how soon they would be able to come and i said 5pm (since i DO have 2 kids that were still napping and i needed to do a last minute wipe down of the place.) and she said that she'd call back b/c they could also come tomorrow. so about 430 when everything is all spic and span, they are coming tomorrow at 4. fine with me. now i can make things shine. i think i'll go throw up now. i don't think my nerves can handle this.

1 comment:

Tambo said...

Maybe they will buy it and you will not have to worry about having it shiny at all times. We will just pray that is what plan God has for you.

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