Thursday, February 7, 2008

thankful thursday

1. i am obviously most thankful that the storms with the tornadoes didn't come through my area on tuesday. micah and i sat up and watched just in case.

2. i am thankful that my friends the Tate's don't live in Memphis anymore!!!

3. i am thankful that my mama is on semi-retirement and is home so that i can call her every single day...which i basically do.

4. i am thankful that the realtor is coming on saturday (even though i feel like i'm completely not ready) b/c that means we can get the ball rolling and hopefully move before the baby gets here...hopefully.

5. i am thankful that where we are moving to, my in-laws will be close enough by that when bad weather comes, i can gather the kiddies and jaunt over there and get in the basement. the thought of a tornado scares me to death!!

6. i am thankful that micah seems to be on the mend from his surgery. (however i am NOT thankful that he is still leaning to sleeping on his back!!)

7. i am thankful that my friend Brandy invited me to go on her women's retreat in march. nothing like 24 hours with women and Jesus!

8. i am thankful for the wonderfulness that is a 1/2 benedryl. on nights like tuesday night when i sleep 2 hours, it sure helps me sleep hard enough not to even get up to potty on the next night.

9. i am thankful that tomorrow is friday and that i get to go to work for adult interaction, luke will go to school, grammy will keep seth, and micah will be home for the weekend. it's been a looooong week!

10. i am thankful that in 2 weeks i get to have another picture of my baby girl!!

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Tony and Susan said...

awe! i like the thankful thursdays!! maybe during the summer, i'll join the thankful thursday group :)

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