Saturday, May 9, 2009

design for better minds than mine

i gotta question...or a few. my new kitchen cabinets are gonna be cherry. my table and chairs are honey. and yes, it has to go in the breakfast area b/c we never use a formal DR. anyway, my question is this...should my bar stools be cherry? or maybe a metal, like wrought iron? (which i already have accessories that are.)

next, how high am i supposed to hang my curtain rods? and am i gonna have to make my curtains if i get them on up there? or can i find some commercially that will work for hanging them high?? and when is it appropriate to use bamboo roman shades?

who is gonna help a sista out? i would like my house to be style and not vile. know what i mean??


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Girl. We should talk on the phone. Or better yet, over dinner! I would love to help with this, if you're interested. At least just to talk it out! FUN, FUN, FUN!
I think that you can keep as many as 5 different woods in the same room, but you might want to pull either of the woods in on the bar stools. I'd pick the honey since your other chairs are already that.
Curtains- hang as high as you can unless you have, like, 12 foot ceilings. Wait, I'd still hang em high up there. If you want curtains to the floor you might have to get them made. I can tell you my curtain lady's name. I heart her. I don't know about the bamboo roman shades. I'd have to see the room. Which begs, when can I come over? You know I've fam in the green, too!! Exciting!!

Tiffany said...

I'm not a decorator, so I'll keep my mouth shut for the ladies who really know what they're doing. However, I am going to say that I am SO STINKIN' EXCITED for you and how this is all falling into place!!!! You know that whatever you decide, you'll have to post pictures for the rest of us to ooh and aah over!

CL said...

I'm not a decorator by any stretch but if the barstools go on the side of the counter that the table will be on, you can use either wood you like. The contrast might be better to have the honey colored stools next to the cherry cabinets. Wrought iron would work too!

As far as curtains go, you can hang them wherever you want. Mine are all hung above the window frames and it makes the ceilings look taller, at least to me.

Where are you talking about putting bamboo roman shades?

Check out IKEA though. You can buy curtains there that all you have to do is iron the hem to pick whatever length you want. Hope this helps!

Sounds like you guys have a lot going on and I'm excited for you! Can't wait to see some pics!

Kelley said...

Metal would be nice on the chairs.
Curtains, hang them very high. If you hang the curtains almost to the ceiling, it expands the visual height of your room.
No idea on the Roman shades. Don't have those.
Enjoy "playing" in the new house.

Lindsey said...

well, i'm not much help here, but i agree with hanging curtains high. and i love them going all the way to the floor! good luck with the move.
**just so you know, the word verification is in fact "urines"

The HoneaBees said...

First of all...wood goes with wood. Doesn't matter what color. Secondly, my cabinets are cherry stained oak and my table, etc is cherry too. 2 different cherries because they are 2 diff woods. And, my table was my gmother's so I didn't do the cherry on purpose. My bar stools are wraught iron because that is what I had before I inherited the table, etc. It works though because it kind of breaks everything up.
I say hang your drapes as high as possible, but not over your crown moulding...if you have it.
Also, I have a lady in Ardmore that does curtains, bedding, etc and is VERY Reasonable...she made AA's nursery stuff for CHEAP! And she's awesome. Let me know if you need her. She'll even hang everything for you so that you and Micah don't have to fight over where everything goes and get out the measuring tape 150 times before drilling the hole.
BUT, you can always buy and add really easily to the bottom to make them go farther too. You can do it, I know.
I wanna see the house!!!

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