Saturday, May 16, 2009

trash to treasure::a sneak peak

everything you see here cost a total of $8. it's a little table that has a lift top, that will be painted and become a little desk to go in luke's room since he'll get homework starting in august (insert: it's stupid for kindergartners to have homework. luke will be bored for a little bit. he has somehow taught himself to read. that isn't bragging on me b/c i don't think i did it.) inside of the desk is a clear glass canister with the clamp top (sorry, somebody tell me what it's called), a basket that i will use in probably the kitchen, and 3 plates that are a creamy white with a yellow flower print on them. cause 'member...i have a yellow kitchen. and it will stay for a while... probably. just not those sunflowers. oh--and a wicker lamp shade...that will get painted and used...somewhere. not sure where yet.

next up is one of the two end tables i bought. how about i got two for $18? her husband wanted $30. but that's what he gets for not being there. they wanted to get rid of them. i wanted to help them out.

this is the cappuccino paint color i was trying out. i didn't go with it, but i like it. may use it for something in my bedroom. it would be better there than with my LR furniture.

this is the back of one of the tables. on the left side is "porcelain". it is the color i am going with. it's kinda creamy looking. it will really soften up those red walls. also, if you notice, the left back leg is missing a trim piece up top. it was there in the store, just loose. oh well, who will notice?? not me. not since that one was $8.

next up, deciding what to do with these gigantor lamps. i'm painting them to go on top of the end tables. maybe black?? and finding shades for them.


Darby said...

SCORE! LOve it all... I used the cappacino spray paint in the next bathroom... I love it. BUt I like the white too. I also LOVE THOSE LAMPS!! As for shades... Lowes & Home Depot sell them seperate and I think Tarjay does too!

Kellie said...

Great finds! Target has some neat shades - great colors - I don't have much experience with painted furniture, but I LOVE the look of it in other people's houses and magazines!!!! Can't wait to see more!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I'm so proud of your finds and you'll be happy to know that I JUST bought some chalkboard paint this weekend for that silver platter project. think I have a BIT of catching up to do??? haha!
Love the porcelain color for the wood table. And I hope you got my e-mail about the black on black. Perfectly fine and I'm sure I have that somewhere in my hasienda, but I don't know where because there is so much crapola. Keep us updated on the decor!! fun times!

WV: reticked. "I had forgiven him for leaving those dishes on the table, but when I saw them again I was reticked off about it."

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