Friday, May 8, 2009


where oh where would i be without sisters like yall? let me tell ya...UP THA CRICK. (and yes, i know it's creek. i'm just being silly.) anywho, just to update you on what you have been so diligently praying for, we went out to the green tonight to look at another house. and i won't was gorgeous. but the layout...the layout was...ramble-y. the 4th bedroom was waaaay across the house. and we'd have to put up a fence immediately. it was a little more. i went to it tonight thinking i may like it just as much. but i didn't. and we were able to come to an agreement with the seller of house A and we are super excited about it!! so, looks like if all goes well with the home inspections, i'll be moving in mid june...40 days. and don't think i won't be asking you to pray about that cause during that time, i'll also still be taking care of my kids (since preschool is over next week) and packing for a week at the beach...and planning a birthday party. (i'm sure i've mentioned it.) anyway, all that to say, i just love yall. you lift me up and for that, i owe you considerably.



The HoneaBees said...

You must email me and let me know where you will be! I wanna know!!!!

Susannah said...

So glad you're happy and you're selling your house!:)

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