Saturday, May 16, 2009

i hope you will stay tuned...

today, i swung by the consignment shop to drop off the walker and get paid for what had already sold. and with $40 dollars in my hands, i headed out to the thrift stores around here to see what i could see for the new house. you are never gonna believe what all i got. i will be spending as much time painting as packing over the next few weeks, so i'm going to probably enlist your help. again, i don't trust my decorating eye. but i have been spending countless hours looking at your sites and others to figure out how to dress my nest. i can't wait to show you. i hope you'll stay tuned b/c don't we all love a before and after? i think that was a collective yes. here's a hint...2 end tables, 4 lamps, 2 lamp shades, 3 plates, 1 child's desk...all for $60. i'm sure my husband thinks i'm nuts. but he'll be thanking me that i only spent $18 on TWO end tables verses $100 each...and they will have character. can i get an AMEN??

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