Saturday, August 9, 2008

cause i love these things

i have been tagged by dana and i never refuse a good "poll" it were.

six random things about me that you may not know...and they WILL be random b/c i forgot i had been tagged...

1. i have no clue what color my natural hair is anymore. i have used hair color since 9thish grade. i'm assuming it is a dark blonde. i'll have to look at an 8th grade pic to know for sure.

2. i ALWAYS have my toe nails painted. i clean, clip, buff, apply bonder, 2 coats of polish, then clear coat and it lasts as long as a salon. if i'm not wearing polish on my toes, it's because i'm letting them breathe...but typically no longer than 2-3 days. and i NEVER paint my finger nails.

3. i always wash my hair last when i shower. i think subconsciously, it is from the fact that i have naturally fine (read grease monkey) hair in the mornings and i want it to be as clean as clean can be.

4. i thrive on having a quick wit (read smart mouth...ish). by the way, i would write what i really think and do the strike out thing so that it would be funnier than saying "read...", but i haven't figured out how to do it. somebody help me b/c it is important to me that i be funny, even on my blog. it is, after all, what i have goin for me these days.

5. i can sing well. but i always wanted to take voice lessons to see if i could sing better, expand my range and tone, and to try to get over my complete stage fright. i like to be noticed, but not for all eyes to be on me. dana, you have to know that i love you with my whole heart, along with my brother adam to have sang at your wedding. it was a solo first. i thought i would throw up. thank goodness it was at sorrell.

6. i was a cheerleader for 15 years. yes, i started when i was 3 and my bro was playing football for the boys club. in the 15 years, i only missed 2 years. i still have all of my pom-poms (yes i know they are actually pom-pons, but it looks stupid) except for the ones we used at NHS. we had to give those back. it was the only time in my life i wanted to steal...but i didn't. ask mrs. shelor.

i tag...
1. brandi
2. lindsey
3. hillary
4. susan
5. tara
6. brandy
7. allyson
8. harriette
9. vaughn

(it was supposed to be 6 people that i tagged, but i've always been a little bit of an it gives you all something to blog about. i'll try to wait patiently.)


Dana said...

I had no idea it was pom pons instead of pom poms. I was never a cheerleader all though people ask me that regularly still. Weird...

Thanks for indulging me and thanks for singing at my wedding. I had no idea you were afraid of those things. And without a microphone at that... We would have never known. It was beautiful singing :)

Amy Lu said...

just to teach:
strike out: < s> < /s> (without the spaces)

becky said...

i knew you would come through for me.

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