Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my heart might break

this isn't a post about my kids going to preschool...i'm leaping for joy about that. this is far worse. it looks like my hard drive on our computer is about to bite it. yall...i thought i had already done my time with being without a computer. so, micah (a.k.a. computer guru in our house...or i also lovingly call him "technical support") will be bringing home a hard drive from work today to make sure everything is backed up. and then we search for a new laptop. i don't mind b/c i hate this computer, but i'm sad b/c i don't know when that will be. it would be nice to sell the house, but i can't go that long without my computer. i mean, did we not learn anything from a few weeks ago when charter almost made me go completely insane? i mean, i changed to DSL and went from cable to sattelite for pete's sake!! so if i go MIA...i'm at best buy...trying to find my friends a new home to live in.


Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

If your hard drive is really about to die/ overheat, you can put those cooler pack things around it to keep it alive. I know that sounds goofy, but Jason is a computer guy professionally (he has some fancy title, but he's my "tech guy", too) and this is what they do at last resort. It saved all my baby pictures one time, so it might be handy!

Amy Lu said...

Look at the Acer brand. They are affordable and do a really good job. We've had one for over 5 years now.

My word verification is amybput. Weird.

Dana said...

Stay away from Compaqs if they even exist anymore. They are crap!

Brandy said...

i love my toshiba. never had any problems and was rated like #2 on consumer reports.

Tony and Susan said...

NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! becky can't temporarily leave again!!! come on, micah, you're practically a technical genious, right? did i spell genious correctly?

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