Tuesday, August 12, 2008

squeaky clean

today the kids went to the dentist. this is their second visit. i forgot my camera both times, but i at least remembered to send my phone back with micah to snap a few pics and my cousin, amy, graciously let me pix them to her and she emailed them to me. thanks cuz! the whole office is decked out in space stuff. the kids are in a space ship that is inside the office. luke is catching up on some spongebob. next time i'll try to get a better picture b/c amy told me this looks like an igloo.

when i was signing them in, the receptionist asked me how old ally claire was. i told her 2 months and was thinking "i hope she isn't thinking i need to go ahead and make her an appointment or something. i mean, this is a pediatric dentist...but come on. then, she pulled out the cutest thing...a 6 month t-shirt for baby sissy. so cute!!

the boys went right on back (with daddy) and just got on up in the chair and did a great job.

their teeth look great...some crowding, but i'm not surprised about that. i know they will have to have braces. i did...twice and micah did. of course, if they have biggo horse teeth like him, he will have to take the blame for the crowding. i mean, the man is missing 8 teeth and they are still tight!! i am proud of my super big boys for doing a great job!!

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Amy Lu said...

woohoo!!! I get a shout out! Seriously though, from a camera, it looks like an igloo. When I looked at it on camera...I could tell it was something spacey:)

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