Monday, August 4, 2008

warrior weekend

don't ask me why i adore illiteration. i just do. it's catchy. and i'm probably not otherwise clever enough to come up with a cute title and i figure i need to grab your attention up front b/c i'm sure whatever else i write may be kind of boring. i'm much funnier in person. i'm more of a comeback queen than anything else. (of course most of you have known me forever and are thinking "more like smart mouth".) and you are probably right on that one as well.

anyway...i had a really good weekend!! friday night and saturday morning i went to the Living Proof Live simulcast event where Beth Moore spoke. I'm a little addicted to Jesus and Beth..and yes, it is in that order. I think of Beth kind of like a math teacher. ( I know, with the Bible, shouldn't it be history??) But i say math because history isn't that complex. it happened, memorize the date and event, done. with math...sometimes you just look at the teacher like a deer in headlights and think "funny...i didn't know my teacher taught math in greek." but other teachers put it on your level and you think "thank you for making it plain as day." that is how i feel about Beth (i only call her by her first name b/c i'm sure we're friends.) anyway, I bought a new Bible study (the one on Daniel) and then i WON a Bible study (workbook AND CDs!!) I found last year that i LOVE buying the cds because i (meaning Micah) can turn them into MP3s and I put them on my player and listen to them as i walk or wash dishes or whatever. super awesome way to get your study in. I have never been good to just read a scripture and take it apart and digest it to see what it is really saying. and perhaps that is why i feel like a lot of times i have felt like i'm the "rocky soil" in the parable of the soils (Luke 8). I feel like things fall on the surface and go down a little bit, but never take a firm root. (and yes, that is what our lesson was about over the weekend.) so i'm in the process of trying to take it one verse at a time to really KNOW what the Bible is saying and seal it in my heart. i'm also learning things about myself more and more the older i get when it comes to worship. worship is different for everyone, and i think it should be. it reflects your own personal relationship with God. (if you want more of a personal statement, you can ask. i won't go into it on here because of the diversity of who is reading.) anyway, all of that to say it was an awesome refresher and i surely needed it. big thank you to micah who had the kids most of the day saturday so i could do that, get my hair sassed back up and grocery shop. he also had to pick the house up a little since we had to reschedule our house showing from thursday to saturday. yeah...we were busy.

i also made a trip to kohl's to pick up a few things for the kiddos. kohl's was having a deal where if you spend 50$ you get 10 back in kohl's cash. plus it was tax free weekend. well, i now have 30$ in kohl's cash that will probably go towards some new kicks for me. i am in DIRE need of new tennis shoes for exercising. I have been walking with my neighbor, but it's time to really get with it and burn this baby stuff (most of which is still hanging around from SETH!! i lost everything from ally claire!!) so...i'm bringing in the big guns and getting out "the FIRM" stuff i used to use. it's a good work out. it combines cardio and strength training. i sat down after walking the other night to stretch and thought to myself..." come just a few years ago...OK...12 years ago-OUCH-you could lay down flat in the floor stretching and now you look like you never had an athletic day in your life?" so that is my quest. to become a mama who keeps up with their kids and can outrun them as long as possible (which let's face it...i'm on a ticking clock with having 2 boys!)

well, better get off of here and get something accomplished. sister is napping and i just made the boys a tent in their room. so i just bought myself about 30 minutes!!


Melissa said...

"The FIRM" stuff is great! It will kick your butt getting started though! Thanks for the idea of loading mp3's for bible study. I'll have to try that. made my husband sit up and take notice for kid #2. look at the comments for my latest post. :)

Tony and Susan said...

maybe i need to try bible studies on cd's. that is definately something i need to work on. thanks for the reminder!

Kellie said...

Becky, this is Kellie Thompson Patton - from NHS, I was 2 years younger than you - played softball! It looks like we have children about the same age - Emma Claire turns 4 in August, Wilson turns 2 in September and Henderson is 13 weeks (born May 2). I have loved reading your blog!

EmbroideryRN said...

good luck with the exercise stuff! I'm extremely allergic to it!

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