Friday, August 8, 2008

needing little prayer

as i've mentioned...we have our house on the market again. it is showing once a week, which i figure with the market how it is now, that is pretty good. it's really good for my neighbor b/c hers is for sale also and she and i are in a little different situation. i would like to get moved by the spring at the latest. luke will start school fall of '09, and i want to already be in that school zone. now, getting the house ready (or keeping the house ready for that matter) isn't an easy task with the 3 little ones. so i would love for it to sell sooner rather than later. preschool starts back the week after labor day and having to show a house here and there isn't gonna be real fun. plus, i don't even want to think about all of this when it is colder. anyway, we aren't in a situation where we NEED to have it sell, but it sure would be nice. we are bustin' at the seams around here.

tomorrow micah has the kids pretty much all day while i'm off to HSV for a CE class to finish up my hours for my nursing license renewal. so yall say a little prayer for him, too. I'll be gone from 730-4 tomorrow!! (i will get to feel smart and see if my brain remembers stuff they will be talking about!)

anyway, nothing exciting to report. sister is stretching out her nights a little bit. but every little bit counts.


Brandy said...

i will sooooo be praying for him. i don't know how he is with the kids, but brad always got lots of prayers from me when i knew he was going to be keeping the kids alone...which wasn't very often, but sometimes that is just the way it is. i will pray for your house to sell also. i know how you feel on that for sure. ours has been on the market for 6 months now and still now buyers. lots of lookers, but that can be very discouraging when no offers are coming in. good luck in your class!

EmbroideryRN said...

got prayers coming from here... and you know we would love to have you in the NICU! hugs and kisses to your babies, harriette

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