Friday, August 29, 2008


4:27 am--i can hear seth's fisher price acquarium going off for the 2nd time. not sure if he hit it on purpose or accidentally during his sleep.

4:30 am--ally claire wakes up and wants a bottle. i sit up and say "i'm tired." micah said he'd feed her.

4:32 am--i decide to go check on seth. he is awake as can be. i asked him if he wanted me to lie down with him and he does.

4:51 am--i'm back in my room. micah has finished feeding AC, but oddly, she is NOT asleep. she has never done that. i take her b/c sometimes i think she is just wanting me.

4:54 am--i take AC to her room to put her in her crib. she cries out a couple of times...and it's 9am right now and i still haven't heard a peep out of her.

5:19 am--i keep thinking i hear the acquarium...(i turned it way down while i was in there). then i look up and i'm sure i hear and see seth in my doorway (which is odd b/c even though there are a couple of nightlights, he is typically scared of the dark.)

5:20 am--mama, i need to potty. so i help him to mine. then i tell him to get in our bed.

5:25 am--i am about to fall off i am so on the edge of the bed and he is "right up my duke" as my friend monica says. he never goes to sleep. i do once he gets up with micah an hour later.

today...the good news is that there will be a super early naptime.
yesterday...luke (and seth, but mainly b/c of luke) lost his mega blocks...FOR GOOD. let's remember the incident from july 22nd when luke hit seth repeatedly in the head, so much so he bled. yeah. last night i was washing dishes. micah started running water for ACs bath. the boys were supposed to be cleaning up, same as last time. seth is crying. again, nothing new in our house. i get done and i can tell his crying is different. micah had told him to stop crying a little earlier. i tell seth to come to me. when something is really wrong with seth and he has been crying hard...he breaks out in hive looking things. really red and blotchy. i picked him up and asked him what was wrong. he said "luke hit me in the head with a block." i said "do you hurt?" he said "yes." so i said "show me where." and when i went digging, i saw where blood was raised to the surface. and speaking of blood raising to the surface...i was mad b/c micah had not fully checked out the situation (same as last time) and i told him he needed to be the one to spank luke b/c if i did it, i'd cross the line, i'm quite sure. (now let me say this...micah is a super great dad. one of the best i know. however, he's not been so great lately to go get the story when he hears a ruckus. after the blood letting of last time, i check everything out. i'm hoping this was the last lesson learned. i mean, he and his brother tried to kill each other on many occasions. guy took a bat to micah and micah hauled off and threw a brick and hit him square in the back. micah also stabbed him with a pencil a few times and guy still has the lead in his hand to prove it.) anywho, i finished packing up those blocks and i marched them over to my neighbor's house. she has a little boy seth's age. i'm seeing now that i should have made luke do it. but i was mad and was just ready to get rid of them for good.

lessons learned: when sissy cries, just get up and feed her. it may be easier than the alternative.
if someone is crying, always check it out. mega blocks can be used in attempted murder.


Kellie said...

Wow, bless your heart - by the way, I live in Tuscaloosa - my mother-in-law is from Athens though - isn't that where you live?

Manicuh said...

I feel special that you used my phrase.

Lindsey said...

hilarious and not so at the same time. i am laughing with you because i have had similar mornings. haven't dealt much with the blocks although elle did push grady off the couch yesterday b/c he was trying to bite her (just teething but still bad, i know). thanks for making me laugh! hope you have a restful weekend.

Tony and Susan said...

wow! definately one of those stories you look back on and laugh just may be a while! and that is hilarious about micah. never would have guessed that!

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