Thursday, August 14, 2008

dentists, doctors and house showings, oh my!!

ok, so it has been a busy few days...well week actually. the post below fills you in on the boys trip to the dentist. after the dentist, we went out to eat and then came back home. it's never an easy trip anywhere these days, mainly due to the "sister HATES the carseat" issue. seriously, yall...somebody help me. give me some tips. i have to take her out of the seat everywhere we go and hold her the whole time. my back is killin' by the time we leave anywhere. then, that afternoon we had to make the house presentable for a house showing. i am sooooo tired of this. if it weren't for the fact that we are painfully on top of each other in this house, i wouldn't be this insane. anyway, yesterday was ally claire's 2 month appointment. susan, tell "jonahclaire" to watch claire is coming on strong!! (for those of you who don't know susan or don't stalk her blog from mine, you totally should. she has the cutest boy/girl twins named jonah and claire. luke refers to them as one person!)

not so little sister weighs 13 lbs and 14 oz and is 23 inches long. yeah. she is bigger than her brothers were. instead of a little miss, i may have an amazon.

fortunately, we don't run big girls in my family, nor in micah's, so i would be surprised. but she apparently likes what we are doing around here. and with all 2 month check ups, she got her 6 vaccines. we missed the cut off for seth getting the rotavirus one, but sister got it. i didn't know it was oral. i wish they were all oral. they gave my angel baby 3 shots and she did NOT like any of them do...and here is my chunker monker and her legs, all 3 rolls per leg of them!!

well, this weekend is slower, at least i hope. we are gonna go look at a few houses ourself on saturday. i also need to buy sethy a backpack for preschool and buy a birthday present for a friend...and grocery shop. ok, maybe not so slow. but my prayer is that i can find some time in there to nap. seriously, i am coasting on fumes and chocolate poptarts this morning. i will probably have to run to the gas station in a little bit for some caffeine. all of our "cokes" (which you all know coke means anything carbonated, in our house it is DDP for me and regular DP or MD for micah) are caffeine free...and that will never do today!! like i wasn't already lacking in the sleep department enough. don't get me wrong, i'm glad sister is only getting up once a night...but i wish it were none. and then add on top of it michael phelps swimming late at night. i'll be glad when swimming and gymnastics are over. i can go to bed earlier and hopefully catch up!!

i haven't forgotten thankful thursday. but it will have to come tomorrow and we'll call it "fankful friday" in honor of luke who refuses to say "th". he prefers "sef, fank you and feaver (seth, thank you, feather). he does it for spite these days. seth getting on to luke for saying his name wrong is funny.


Lisa said...

Hang in there, Ally Claire will get better in the car will just take time :)

Amy Lu said...

it may be easier to list the tricks you've tried

Vaughn said...

have you tried to put her in the car seat a few times a day--in the house. Maybe even put her in it when she is asleep. Savannah was the same way. When we left the hospital (she was born in Enterprise) the ride to Dothan seemed to take FOREVER!!!

Tony and Susan said...

um...yeh...she's pretty close to claire (10 months!!).

and we have started referring to the babies as jonahclaire sometimes when we are talking about both of them :). tell luke thanks for the idea!

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